Summer must for great hair: Kerabotanica’s Shore To Please Beach Girl

Save your hair from sun damage with Kerabotanica’s Shore To Please Beach Girl
Patti Pietschmann

Here I am in Maui
wishing I had this product right now as we are in an out of the ocean several times a day and in the sun a lot of course,  While we slather sunscreen on our bods, we really should also protect our hair--especially my processed, colored tresses.

It's easy to forget about the sun’s damaging effects to our hair, including hair protein loss and color changes. So enter Kerabotanica’s Shore To Please Beach Girl,
 a light and refreshing hair fragrance, made with red raspberry seed extract for a natural shield against harmful UV rays. A member of the rose family, raspberry seed extract contains a SPF of 45 and is filled with antioxidants for the ultimate nutrition, protection and shine. Spritz into dry hair to bring out the best in your locks while preventing faded highlights.

Shore To Please Beach Girl is $22 and available online via
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