Bliss out for summer with a Skin Authority facial at the Oaks at Ojai

And get bikini ready while you're at it

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The Oaks at Ojai is an affordable spa fit for all shapes and budgets that's nestled in the picture postcard  town just inland of Santa Barbara California. Founded by fitness guru, ice skating champ Sheila Cluff the spa provides a sanctuary from stress while whipping you into bikini shape with exercise and diet.  It also offers face and body treatments from  Skin Authority--a skin care company is known for its clean, high performance products and technological innovations. Skin Authority is available at top spas and resorts and used by celebrities, athletes and professionals on the sets of acclaimed productions such as E! News, Dancing with the Stars, The Late Late Show With James Corden, and Breakout Kings.

 Oaks’ guests get  access to a free, certified skin coach via phone, email and even live video chat, once their treatment is completed. The Nest – The Oaks at Ojai’s retail shop – has an interactive iPad display enable to allow the guest to click to speak to a coach, live, to continue their skin care guidance. The Skin Authority coaches will work with the guest to ensure that the benefits of their treatment are realized, and the results are continued once returning home.

Newly introduced  treatments include:

VitaD Brightening Body Treatment: Due to the extreme popularity of its VitaD Facial, The Oaks expands this treatment for the body. This health-inspired body resurfacing treatment uses natural, sugar cane-based exfoliators to remove dry, dead skin cells.  A rich wrap infusion of Vitamin D increases clarity and illuminates the skin.  Skin is left brighter, softer and ultra smooth.

 Restorative Hydration Facial: This treatment is designed for all skin types while benefitting sensitive, rosacea, dry, irritated and hormonally depleted skin.  The treatment protects the skin barrier by providing a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to gently repair and renew damaged cells.  A Rejuvenating Mask hydrates and replenishes with Antioxidants B, C and E.  A blend of natural clays stimulate circulation, heal and purifying leaving the skin feeling soft, restored and smoothed for a more youthful appearance.  Ideal for all skin types.  Addresses sensitive, dry or sunburned skin.

Skin Transformation Signature Facial: This results-driven treatment uses a sugar cane based exfoliant to dissolve dead skin layers, while targeting the repair of individual conditions that are related to acne, aging, hyper-pigmentation and sensitive skin.  Restorative antioxidants and clay mask are applied to fight free radical damage, detoxify, and repair the skins protective barrier for a translucent glow.  Ideal for all skin types.

Advanced Age Defying Facial with AHA: a dynamic treatment that resurfaces dead, damaged skin cells to open pathways for the nourishing benefits of the SGF-4 technology.  These powerful natural skin-nourishing proteins restore depleted, damaged cells to a more vibrant youthful condition.  Collagen is stimulated, fine lines and wrinkles are plumped and filled out to give a smoother appearance and skin tissue becomes instantly firmer and toned.  Results are dramatic after one treatment.  A single treatment will produce visible immediate results and is an excellent introduction to home care.  Ideal for all skin types.  Addresses Aging, Fine Lines, Hyperpigmentation, Dryness.

VitaD Brightening Facial: we all can benefit from this innovative driven treatment that resurfaces and removes dull and depleted skin layers, while restoring hormonal balance in the skin with an infusion of topical Vitamin D.  A marine based mask, rich in minerals firms and lifts the skin for a luminous, refined skin tone.  Nourishing Vitamins B5, C, D and E act to protect and hydrate the skin while Vitamin K naturally brightens dark circles around the eye area.  Ideal for all skin types.  Addresses Dull or Depleted skin, Loss of Firmness, Hyperpigmentation.

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  Skin Authority CEO Celeste Hilling states, “Through our iPad coaching kiosk, the guests at The Oaks at Ojai can connect with a live skin care expert on demand outside the spa to provide personalized education product recommendations, and sun safe tips during their stay. In the spa, The Oaks at Ojai staff delivers our most innovative treatments, boosted with our cutting-edge ingredient technology, providing immediately visible results and enhanced environmental protection. Our clean skin care formulations mirror Ojai's commitment to well-being and the earth.

 The Oaks at Ojai sprang from a charming 1920s hotel into a 40+ room facility offering nutritional, calorie-controlled meals, fitness options and activities such as a scenic variety of walking and hiking a throughout the beautiful Ojai foothills & neighborhoods, a variety of dance and aquatic workouts, yoga, stretching, & drum on the ball.   The Oaks at Ojai is located at 122 East Ojai Avenue (Ojai’s main street).  For more information, please visit or become a fan on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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