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Dewy-eyed over new FarmHouse Fresh prebiotic/probiotic mask

An efficacious skin saver in a glass jarPatti Pietschmann, the Beauty Guru

(pre·bi·ot·ic--a nondigestible food ingredient that promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the intestines. pro·bi·ot·ic--a probiotic substance or a preparation,  microorganism introduced into the body for its beneficial qualities). Put the two together and you've got the fabulous, new FarmHouse Fresh Will Dew facial mask, one of the most amazing I've sampled in awhile. The texture feels like silk, the scent is so light with a hint of  baby power. After one use the skin on my face perked up, looked more moist and even smoothed out some fine lines. I even used it on my hands and they came out so soft and smooth. "Will Dew™has healthy bacteria to help maintain skin's natural microflora, which contributes to moisturization, a dewy soft finish and glowing complexions. Healthy bacteria are also great for acne-prone skin and those who are sensitive, as it calms skin irritations."
Thank y…

Beaching it with cool Coppertone sun protectors

Save your skin while you enjoy the sun with industry's most trusted products

Patti Pietschmann

Coppertone just sent me some fab suncare products that I had to share with all my fellow water/sun babies. The brand has been around for ages (73 years actually) and continues to provide true and trusted products that save your skin.  I tried them all and even packed some away fo my next trip to Maui where we go twice a year and spend lots of time under the sun in the blue Pacific.

The newest entry is the Whipped Collection and I'm loving it. What a luscious sensation it is going on. There's just a slight hint of scent. Using the SPF 30 today in a hot LA sun by the pool and feel so safe fom burn or possible skin damage. But I don't recommend laying in the sun for long periods between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. when rays are strongest.

The company, which has been around forever, is one of most trusted names in sun protection products. And with summertime living in full swing at the be…

Beauty Guru's moment of Zen: Curious Apothecary Noche Nuit perfume

Introducing Noche Nuit | Night Night perfume by Curious Apothecary. Evocative sultry tuberose floral. A rich and hypnotic scent. Intro promo pricing  Here it is your moment of fragrance Zen.....
Noche Nuit perfume by Curious Apothecary. Evocative sultry tuberose floral. A rich and hypnotic scent.

Also new in shop - Natural Luxe Mineral Vegan Deodorant--essential oil scented, baking soda free, potassium alum free, shea butter free.
Luxe deodorant with cocoa butter, and glides on silky with a non greasy feel. No white residue and smells great.

10 little ways to make Mom feel more comfortable in a nursing home

It's not easy putting parents in asisted living or a nursing home but this could help
By Patti Pietschmann

When my loving mother reached that stage when she needed to live in  a nursing home it broke my heart.  She was 3,000 miles across the country, in Pennsylvania,  so it wasn't possible to visit her every day as I would have liked. But when I did go I learned that there were little things I could do to help her feel better starting with some beauty tips:
 Something as simply as a hot wash cloth on her face, which she asked for while bedridden.Makeup. One day I sat her up and applied foundation, powder, mascara, blush. She beamed at her image in the hand mirror. Later that day a young woman came to visit her and marveled about how lovely she looked. So be sure to bring your makeup kit.Rubbing her head. I gave her these scalp treatments and she purred like a cat.Making her laugh. Laughter is good medicine especially for someone bedridden who was use to being active. I would tr…

Hotels raising the barbell on fitness facilities make it easier to hit the gym on the road

There's no excuse not to workout when you travel with these innovative options By Patti Pietschmann
When ever I leave Los Angeles, which I do often as a travel writer, one of things I miss most is CrunchWHo where I work out daily. There's nothing like the fun classes and no judgments, no attitude at the nationwide chain. Thank heavens for hotels and cruise ships that continue to raise the bar on fitness facilities such as Crystal Cruises, Princess, Silversea, Seabourn, Cunard, Carnival and more, as well a hotels such as:

Element Boston Seaport,  which sports  a stationary kinetic bike in the fitness center that powers your  personal electronics while you pedal. The hotel also provides a virtual  personal trainer via the Your Trainer app, which features three Element branded workouts – Circuit: Whole Body Blast; Yoga: Rise & Yoga; and Strength: Energized by Element.  Book at
Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa (Paradise Valley, Ariz.) …

Bliss out for summer with a Skin Authority facial at the Oaks at Ojai

And get bikini ready while you're at it Patti Pietschmann
The Oaks at Ojai is an affordable spa fit for all shapes and budgets that's nestled in the picture postcard  town just inland of Santa Barbara California. Founded by fitness guru, ice skating champ Sheila Cluff the spa provides a sanctuary from stress while whipping you into bikini shape with exercise and diet.  It also offers face and body treatments from Skin Authority--a skin care company is known for its clean, high performance products and technological innovations. Skin Authority is available at top spas and resorts and used by celebrities, athletes and professionals on the sets of acclaimed productions such as E! News, Dancing with the Stars, The Late Late Show With James Corden, and Breakout Kings.Oaks’ guests get  access to a free, certified skin coach via phone, email and even live video chat, once their treatment is completed. The Nest – The Oaks at Ojai’s retail shop – has an interactive iPad display…

Coppertone 'whips' it up for summer

Company creates heavenly, effective sun care products

Patti Pietschmann
The company, which has been around forever, is one of most trusted names in sun protection products. And with summertime living in full swing at the beach, pool, boat, cruise ships or back yard we all nee to shun the harmful, skin damaging and cancer-producing rays.

Now Coppertone has come up with luscious  Whipped, a transformative sunscreen unlike anything you've ever felt before. Not only is Coppertone introducing the first ever whipped sunscreen, it is rolling out a series of engaging activations throughout the summer to launch it, and partnering with everyone from beauty influencers to the Skin Cancer Foundation.

The Whipped line comes in both CLEARLYSheer® and WaterBABIES® Pure &Simple formulas. It changes how sunscreen is applied into a pleasant experience without feeling  heavy or sticky, Whipped has a rich and creamy texture, absorbs quickly and feels light on skin. Plus it won't clog pores an…

Summer must for great hair: Kerabotanica’s Shore To Please Beach Girl

Save your hair from sun damage with Kerabotanica’sShore To Please Beach Girl
Patti Pietschmann

Here I am in Maui
wishing I had this product right now as we are in an out of the ocean several times a day and in the sun a lot of course,  While we slather sunscreen on our bods, we really should also protect our hair--especially my processed, colored tresses.

It's easy to forget about the sun’s damaging effects to our hair, including hair protein loss and color changes. So enter Kerabotanica’sShore To Please Beach Girl,
a light and refreshing hair fragrance, made with red raspberry seed extract for a natural shield against harmful UV rays. A member of the rose family, raspberry seed extract contains a SPF of 45 and is filled with antioxidants for the ultimate nutrition, protection and shine. Spritz into dry hair to bring out the best in your locks while preventing faded highlights.

Shore To Please Beach Girl is $22 and available online via