Whiten teeth and brighten smile with revolutionary DYI Popwhite

Reported by Patti Pietschmann

POPWHITE was created by  an innovative makeup artist and an experienced dental scientist who  had  the bright idea to whiten smiles by infusing premium oral care products with an extraordinary purple formula. POPWHITE features a natural, patented formula which is proven to whiten natural and artificial teeth safely and gradually.
Clinical trials demonstrated that POPWHITE primer and POPWHITE toner, when used together twice a day for fourteen days, whiten teeth an average of four shades.
  • ·     Color Correcting – Power of Purple Formula
  • ·      Peroxide Free
  • ·      Infused with Xylitol, Coconut Oil & Peppermint Oil
  •        Gives glossy bright teeth  a silky polished 
  •        Freshens breath, re  

How to use:
 After brushing with POPWHITE primer, rinse thoroughly using POPWHITE toner. For best results use  twice a day, every day. Cost's just $36 for both, cheaper and easier than clinical care.  I just started using it two days ago after getting the products at a beauty event in LA. My teeth look whiter already and my breath is so fresh,

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