Moleule 32 saves your skin in many ways

Molecule32 restores and relieves
Patti Pietschmann

This lotion is amazing, using it on myself and husband
I've been testing Molecule32 skincare products and let me tell  you they are wonderful but not your everyday beauty products.  From the company's mouth, "Our chief scientist develops and fortifies our original formulations with organic and natural bioactive antioxidants, botanicals, herbs, essential oils, vitamins, and minerals, to deliver absolute skin health right in to the palm of your hand."

"The natural crystalline Fulvic Acid structure has been unearthed form mineral rich restorative soil. And because of its unique lightweight structure and our patented process, M32 Polyfulmate® is an Aptogen with the power to stimulate nutrient absorption."

"We don't claim to work overnight."
 "You will have to use it for 30 days before you see real results."

  •  The beauty of our product is that our key ingredient M-32 Fulvic  is a completely natural and organic Fulvic acid fraction matured over 1 million years by Mother Earth.  
  • We are the only company which uses a harmonic resonance to extract the exact molecular weight and size of the Fulvic fraction we wish to use , the molecular sweet spot if you will,  delivering our creams and lotions to the base level of the skin and then secondly into the cell Conditioning  your skin from the inside out.

  •  We work with the human body as it was designed by nature to turn back the clock creating a more youthful and healthy skin  appearance.  The human body is a giant bio-electro chemical machine.  Imagine a 1960 Ferrari which is been neglected or moderately taken care of for all these years.  Then it is restored, the engine tuned, gaskets replaced, timing calibrated, redefining the machine to perform at its peak performance. It's still a 1960  Ferrari , but it's going to  perform  much closer  to the day it was new.  

  •  We don't get out of shape over night, we don't get fat overnight ,we don't Age overnight.  At the turn back the cellular performance of the body in 30 days is  remarkable.  Now that's  real immediate gratification. 
  • M32 moisturizes and supports skin cell health to return a youthful glow. 
  • M32 has the power to make nutrients absorbable, provides advanced hydration and delivers.
  •  M32 stimulates skin cells to restore a natural pH balance."  I love the Glow and apply it daily to may face for a healthy glow. I also take an eye dropper of Nourish every morning at breakfast and since I began never felt better 

True to their word I have definitely seen major improvements in my skin especially scarred areas. The formulas are designed to treat itching from bites, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Singles, Hives and other ailments. 

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