FlopZ Ltd. flip-flops your feet will thank you for

Gel coated, comfortable flip-flops that go from beach to bar

Patti Pietschmann

Whether you're headed to Maui, on a cruise or just strolling around town this summer you rally need to get a pair of flopZ Ltd. for your feet.  So comfy and chi looking they will take you anywhere.

The 'slippers' as they are called in Hawaii or flip-flops sell for roughly $38 and come with a handy tote bag.

First launched in May 2014 with its Coral Collection of vibrantly colorful, comfortable flip flops, the casual chic footwear is now available on line and at some of he  most exclusive resorts and spas in the world. Conceived by Aga and Alan over several beers, holiday banter and laughing about Aga's mispronunciation of 'fish flops'... a creative spark was ignited and we thought what a great idea it would be to create flip flops which have the unique luminescence of tropical fish and coral reefs  (and yes, they say... we still thought so the next day!)
'We ran with our idea for the next two years, allowing the designs to evolve and develop into the fun, bright, high quality product you see today. Not content with just any regular flip flops, we created our unique flopZgel feature, a massaging texture that keeps your feet feeling rejuvenated and ready to go all day long." (Having just  scored a pair at an event today, I can attest to that).The gel also protects the designs so they don't fade or wear off like so many other brands.

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