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How do I love IT let me counts the ways

A day without IT Cosmetics is like a day without beauty

Patti Pietschmann
 Ever since my first introduction to IT Cosmetics I have been a slave to IT's products from Bye ByeFoundation to  lipsticks that make a statements on  my mouth, to Bye Bye Wrinkles that do just that, to eyeliners,  mascara (scroll down past photos for more)

 to Color Infused Skincare, to

Bye Bye Foundation that covers the flaws even spots and redness which IT Founder Jamie herself unabashedly proves on an infomercial where she wipes the founation from her face and uncovers severe redness. It also looks natural as it hugs the face like a new skin, and protects my skin from the sun's harmful rays, to
Mascara that lengthen and strengthen, to
Eye Shadows that turn women into vamps, Goth, coy cuties--whatever the occasion, to
Face and eye preps that almost vanish lines and wrinkles, to
Makeup that makes you beautiful for work or play, to
Heavenly soft brushes to apply makeup and
Whatever that Jamie and her creative …

Oaks at Ojai celebrates Pixie Tangerine month with lots of juicy treatments

Picture postcard pretty Ojai shares the fruitPatti Pietschmann

Pixie tangerines are sweet, seedless, easy-to-peel orange orbs that are only grown in the Ojai Valley, California and have become as celebrated as the quaint town’s Pink Moment. 
And here's what founder Sheila Cluff's fab fitness and beauty spa is featuring in honor of the tiny tangerine.
●Pixie tangerine seasonal scrub, which includes sugars & oils infused with Ojai Pixies and an Organic Fiji’s Lemongrass Tangerine nourishing body lotion. ●Pixie pedicure, which includes freshly squeezed Pixie juice with Get Fresh scrub and moisturizing. ●Green cleansing drink with Pixie juice served daily ●Chef Christine Denney will conduct a Pixie cooking demo with three items including our Chocolate mousse infused with Pixie ●Guests will enjoy special menu items including Pixie salads, Dark Chocolate Spa Bark w/Pistachios & Pixie Dust, Pixie Sweet Potatoes, Pixie and Pistachio Tapenade for seafood, Brussels, Sprouts with Pixie…

"Though April showers might come your way"

Spice up  every (indoor shower) with FarmHouse Fresh Patti Pietschann
A slave to body washes and shower gels who rarely uses soap I was blown away by the into of FarmHouse Fresh®  Fluffy Bunny®, Rainbow Road®, and Pink Moon® Body Washes--three scrumptious treats for those April or any time cleansing rituals.  "You can start your day enveloped in a delectable scent now that we offer the mouthwatering Rainbow Road®, Fluffy Bunny®, and Pink Moon® Hydrating Body Washes," states Shannon McLinden, CEO of FarmHouse Fresh®. "These whipped, creamy body washes also generate bubbles without sulfates, calm skin with Chamomile and Arnica Montana Flower extracts, and boost skin's moisture content through skin-loving Sodium PCA. It makes the shower and bath experience truly rejuvenating."
 Each fragrance, which is also found in FarmHouse Fresh best-selling body cream and hand lotions, diffuses it own signature scent:  southern mint julep with a hint of lavender…

The anti-aging miracle creams we've been waiting is out

They make no promises but Renaissance sure sounds good By Patti Pietschmann

"There is no fountain of youth, but our goal with Renaissance, was to get as close as possible, explained Dr. John Zannis, creator of Rinnova Skincare. 'The entire philosophy surrounding our company is to heal and restore the skin to a healthier state and appearance as quickly as possible, and to protect it from further damage in the future." Zannis added that Rinnnova  created every product with the concept that nature's secrets augmented by scientific discoveries can be combined to produce truly effective products that feel great to use." 
 With an instant anti-aging formula, a few key ingredients are needed:  heavily moisturizing actives, antioxidants, and peptides.  Tgree of the more powerful ingredients in Rinnova Skincare's special moisturizer formula include: Sodium Hyaluronate - an excellent emollient humectant that moisturizes, lubricates and soothes the skin.  By improving th…

FarmHouse Fresh new Organics Collections does a body good

Perfect products for apres gym, ski, swimming or everyday at home

By Patti Pieetschmann
I only got to sample two of the new FarmHouse Fresh Organics Collections and if they are any indication of the the other six in the eight product launch, wowie.  I took them to my health club Crunch where I slathered on the Blushing Agave Body Oil and Island Elixir Shea Butter after my steam bath and shower. Maui wowie did my skin feel soft and smell so nice (just a subtle scent).
 FarmHouse Fresh Organics is the company's most  highly-anticipated collection of body products certified to the NSF/ANSI 305 standard, which  hug  your skin caressing and moisturizing. "True to the FarmHouse Fresh philosophy of crafting our products around good food and drinks, this organic collection offers the same delicious scents and textures our customers have grown to love, while also providing verified authenticity and purity for consumers leading an organic lifestyle," states Shannon McLinden, CEO…

Redken introduces no blow for gals on the go hair styling products no joke

Escape the heat with Redken No Blow Dry Patti Pietschmann

I often let my hair dry naturally in the sun or breeze especially on warm days in Los Angeles and always when I'm in Hawaii where I never bring or use a blow dryer. Well n ow Redken is addressing those of us who eschew the heat with its NEW No Blow Dry air dry stylers, created just for us and part of a trend from New York to  London, Milan and Paris Fashion Week runways  where embracing one’s natural hair texture is now more on-trend than ever and designers draw inspiration from each model’s individual esthetics.  
No Blow Dry gives a perfected air-dried finish with the help of Redken’s Air-Tex Technology, which contains flexible polymers for control and movement as well as quick dry polymers to speed up drying time. Each cream gives noticeable style results with natural movement and control, a soft touch and a no-product feel. “It can seem counterintuitive for a stylist to recommend a styling product that involves not…

Get a PUR-fect face with these three easy steps (videos)

Makeup that will make your skin PUR Related by Patti Pieschmann

Prep with a luscious PÜR Blue Agave Mask ($26) Love this mask that energizes, cools and refreshes your skin  with ingredients such as green tea, ginseng and Vitamin B help to stimulate the skin’s natural metabolism for the look of plumper, hydrated and refreshed skin. Application: prepare  skin the night before by applying a thick, opaque layer to clean, dry skin avoiding eye area and lips. Leave mask on for 15-20 minutes or until completely dry. Gently peel off mask in a downward motion from the outer edges and rinse off any residue with warm water. 
Prime with PÜR No Filter Blurring Photography Primer ($33) Get Selfie-photo perfect with PÜR’s newest primer for a fresh and radiant look. Essential oils such as Coconut, Olive, and Shea create the dewy yet shine-free finish.  Application: use on clean, moisturized skin prior to makeup application.  The go a step farther with PÜR Bare It All™ 4-in-1 Skin-Perfecting Fou…