Top New York celebrity stylist offers solutions for hair loss and thinning tresses

Angelo David Pisacreta provides treatments for fine and thinning tresses

by Patti Pietschmann

If you're losing your hair--and you know it by seeing strands in the sink or tub or noticing volume diminishing--there is help.  World famous celebrity stylist  Angelo David Pisacreta focuses on this growing concern  his New York salon. Angelo has worked with thousands of hair-loss clients over the last 25 years, with a  team of experts who have consulted with both men and women whose hair loss comes from a multitude of causes, including genetic disorders (which are behind as much as 90% of hair loss), bad reactions to hair products and external impacts, such as losing a limb. , “Whatever the stage of hair loss a client is experiencing, we concentrate on three things: prevent, maintain and correct or enhance,” says Angelo.

Using proper products is of primary importance when guarding against hair loss. The wrong ones can damage hair.  You need proper combs

which  Angelo  meticulously hand makes from a single sheet of high-quality, Italian-produced cellulose acetate.

The 'go-to' stylist for hair extensions, Angelo recently appeared on “Good Morning America,” working his makeover miracles on three women with hair loss problems. According to Angelo, “There is nothing more rewarding than being able to change how someone sees herself, boost her self-esteem and uplift her feelings, all within the course of an hour or two. Every day I get to make someone look and feel wonderful.”

A beauty industry veteran, Angelo David Pisacreta is the owner and Creative Director of Angelo David Salon. He is a world-renowned stylist, colorist and makeover specialist. Additionally, he is the originator of Couture Hair extensions, fillers, hairpieces, additions and wigs, and developer of The Angelo David Hair Care collection. By pairing his impeccable designing skills with artistic cutting, coloring and styling abilities, Angelo has transformed even the most challenging hair into lust-worthy locks. He operates a popular salon at 420 Madison Avenue in New York (212-883-6620). You can connect with him at Twitter (, Facebook ( and 

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