Ramp up your walk with Tone-yBands

 Tone those cans while you walk or run with new wrist weights

By Patti Pietschmann
Do you walk regularly for fitness? If so add a little challenge to  your trod while toning your arms with new Tone-y-Bands which just launched on Kickstarter. The look cool, are adjustable, help burn a few extra calories and work those upper arm muscles. 
 "We started with certified fitness professionals in group exercise and personal training. We knew if Tone-y-Bands passed the test with them, that it would be a hit. Working out just once, the instructors felt an increased intensity in their workout and arms, and their activity trackers showed they were burning more calories. Their students began to wear them all the time – at home and the office, while walking the dog, running, pilates, Zumba, barre, aqua and even playing drums in a band. People began to use them in physical therapy or to calm tremors to assist with activities of daily living.  Across a diverse group of customers, the compliments came in: "I've been waiting for someone to come up with something like this," said CEO & Founder Janice Haley

Tone-y-Bands a look more like a watch or bracelet, feel soft and comfortable, and are very easy to clean as they are made of medical-grade silicone. They allow people to tone their arms throughout the entire range of motion and leave their hands free while they exercise. It's easy to adjust the stainless steel weights to the level of intensity needed. They also come in colors to match any outfit – workout or at work.    Prototype versions in black and white launched on Amazon Launchpad earned a 5-star rating for customer satisfaction and will be featured during Amazon's first ever Startup Week inNov. 1-8, 2016.
Tone-y-Bands™ was founded by Steve and Janice Haley, serial entrepreneurs and seasoned executives who have a passion for finding simple ways to fit fitness into people's busy lives. After founding Celsius, their last venture, taking it public and then on to NASDAQ they embraced environments, like Kickstarter, that support the early stages of an entrepreneurial launch.  Tone-y-Bands is a winner of FAU Accelerator program, Innovateher regional competition for Palm Beach County and a semi-finalist of SUP-X start-up competition.  
Click here for more about the bands and how to get them.  
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