Shift your shampoo routine in reverse by conditioning first and washing after

I knew that

By Patti Covello Pietschmann

Have you ever grabbed the conditioner  instead of the shampoo bottle and applied  it first only to  think, 'duh' what a jerk?  Well  think again.  I've actually done this a few times and then noticed my hair actually came out looking better and silkier.  Now new research is proving the point.  NIUCOCO’s Chief Scientist, Yasmine Ishmael, says certain hair types can benefit from “reverse washing,” meaning conditioner pre-shampoo. Those who benefit most from reverse washing are those who have thin hair. Conditioners contain oils and other emollients that coat hair and can be too heavy for thin hair. Therefore, the classic method of conditioning after shampooing can make thin hair oily, flat and limp. Conditioning before shampooing on the other hand, allows thin hair to be nourished without weighing the hair down.

Reversing your shampooing routine also works well for people  with dry or damaged hair. Although  dry or damaged hair  needs extra nourishment. So if this best describes your tresses,  it is advised to apply conditioner, shampoo, and then apply nother coat of conditioner. Thoroughly rinse the second coat of conditioner as one would normally do.

NIUCOCO Hydrating Shampoo ($29) is a good one to  start with.  It cleanses while retaining hair’s natural oils without stripping like other shampoos might do. You may have to “lather, rinse and repeat” meaning shampoo twice, but it depends on your preference. Ishmael recommends leaving NIUCOCO’s Smoothing Conditioner ($33) on for one to three minutes, almost like a hydrating mask in order to reap the most benefits of reverse washing. She says, “apply conditioner from root to tip or mid-length to tip depending on preference or hair type.”

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