iT launches exclusive Bye Bye collection at Sephora

Color-Infused Skincare from iT with Your Bye Bye Exclusives only at Sephora

By Patti Covello  Pietschmann

Hey beauty buffs, it's now easier  than ever to stock upon some of your favorite iT Cosmetics with the company's exclusive launch at Sephora.  If you love iT as much as I  do (especially iT's Bye Bye line) you are jumping for joy right now.
In case you didn't know, not every brand gets into Sephora. It has to be accepted and approved as a major player, and iT is.

The talented iT Cosmetic's PR team put on a lovely event yesterday at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood to spread the word of the  iT's Bye Bye arrival at Sephora. Check out the photos to see how iT is keeping its clients beautiful with makeup,cleansers,under eye treatments,
 lip transformers, anti-aging  skin perfecting products (serums, Armour), lush makeup brushes and more.

 iT's Bye Bye Collection costs from $24 to $42 exclusively at Sephora.

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