Celebrity hair salon Juan Juan introduces Kerastase Paris bespoke hair treatments

A haircare game changer

by Patti Pietschmann

Juan Juan, the hair salon to the stars, is doing Kérastase Paris' bespoke haircare treatments - Fusio-Dose Hair Lab. Below a fellow beauty blogger, stylist Whitney Port undergoes a personalized haircare diagnosis with the Hair & Scalp Profiler, that helped her stylist to mix a freshly fused formula based on hair type. The customized treatment was Concentré Oléo Fusion (for nutrition) and Booster Reconstruction (for strength).
No one size fits all this is a customized luxury for an affordable prices that starat at $30 in salons nationwide. 

 Kérastase Fusio-Dose Hair Lab (in-salon treatment)is a game changer that ushers in a new era of personalized hair care by turning the salon into a high-tech treatment laboratory. The procedure personalizes styling with a uniquely prescribed and freshly fused formula. 

The steps to luscious locks start the Hair and Scalp Profiler Camera which zooms into the hair fiber up to 600 times, allowing the stylist to complete a full fiber analysis checking hair for lack of shine, dryness, and breakage. The stylist is then able to create an ultra-precise diagnostic and identify a primary and a secondary need of the hair fiber, which is used to create a tailor-made treatment solution at the Hair Lab. The interactive, ‘soda fountain-like’ station consists of four concentrates (to address the primary need) and five powerful hair injections/boosters (to address the secondary need) that are mixed to offer over twenty treatment combinations. This transformative and completely customized “beauty-shot” treatment works in just 5 minutes and targets a range of hair care needs including smoothing, density, strength, nourishment, radiance, and more.

· Concentraté Oléo-Fusion-  for nourishing and softening 
· Concentraté Pixelist- enhances color radiance
· Concentraté Vita-Ciment- reconstruction
· Concentraté Densifique- gives tone and bounce to each strand

It costs from $30 at select Kérastase Salons

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