Awesome pHenomenal Vita Liberata Luxury Tan and mitt keeps you bronze beautiful all year around

Safe alternative to harmful tanning under the sun

By Patti Covello Pietschmann
Shell Beach, St.Barths by Richard Pietschmann

I just got my sample of Vita Liberata Luxury Tan with a mitt applicateur from the company. Of  course I had to try it fast as I  could.  I  love it. Having gone through about of skin cancer, I shun the sun like the plague but I still love a tan. So this is the perfect alternative.

It looks so real and gives your  body a healthy glow. You can pretend, if you  want, that you just got off a Caribbean cruise or spent a few days on the French Riviera or St. Barths. Anyhow pHenomenal tanner is supposed to last eight days. I hope so. The mousse formulation is easy to apply with the Tanning Mitt that costs $8 extra and keeps from staining your hands. The tanner runs around $54.
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