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Shift your shampoo routine in reverse by conditioning first and washing after

I knew that

By Patti Covello Pietschmann
Have you ever grabbed the conditioner  instead of the shampoo bottle and applied  it first only to  think, 'duh' what a jerk?  Well  think again.  I've actually done this a few times and then noticed my hair actually came out looking better and silkier.  Now new research is proving the point.  NIUCOCO’s Chief Scientist, Yasmine Ishmael, says certain hair types can benefit from “reverse washing,” meaning conditioner pre-shampoo. Those who benefit most from reverse washing are those who have thin hair. Conditioners contain oils and other emollients that coat hair and can be too heavy for thin hair. Therefore, the classic method of conditioning after shampooing can make thin hair oily, flat and limp. Conditioning before shampooing on the other hand, allows thin hair to be nourished without weighing the hair down.
Reversing your shampooing routine also works well for people  with dry or damaged hair. Although  dry or damaged hair…

The Beauty Guru guide to holiday gifts for the women in your life

Get a jump start on your Christmas shopping with gifts of beauty from Caudalie By Patti Covello Pietschmann For years I have been compiling a very popular  gift guide at so  this year I decided to share it on my Bodacious Beauty Guru site. Hope it give you a jump start for your holiday shopping. For the first edition I showcased beauty gift sets Caudalie: Caudalie Premier Cru Anti-Aging Set For every BFF on your list–a set  of Caudalie’s flagship formulated with three original patents, the Premier Cru CreamPremier Cru Eye and Premier Cru Elixir yield supremely firm, smooth, dense, and radiant skin. Resveratrol-Oleyl – prevents GlycationVinefrine – prevents dark spotsPolyphenols – the most powerful anti-oxidant in the plant world (and Caudalie’s star ingredient)Price: $99, Available at Sephora/ and Caudalie boutiques/ Caudalie Glow & Go–got a friend addicted to makeup? Who doesn’t. This  combo  gives a glowing complexion for Ch…

iT launches exclusive Bye Bye collection at Sephora

Color-Infused Skincare from iT with Your Bye Bye Exclusives only at Sephora By Patti Covello  Pietschmann

Hey beauty buffs, it's now easier  than ever to stock upon some of your favorite iT Cosmetics with the company's exclusive launch at Sephora.  If you love iT as much as I  do (especially iT's Bye Bye line) you are jumping for joy right now. In case you didn't know, not every brand gets into Sephora. It has to be accepted and approved as a major player, and iT is.
The talented iT Cosmetic's PR team put on a lovely event yesterday at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood to spread the word of the  iT's Bye Bye arrival at Sephora. Check out the photos to see how iT is keeping its clients beautiful with makeup,cleansers,under eye treatments,
 lip transformers, anti-aging  skin perfecting products (serums, Armour), lush makeup brushes and more.

 iT's Bye Bye Collection costs from $24 to $42 exclusively at Sephora.

Colourpop creates eye-popping rocking, shocking colors for fall

Super Shock Shadow opens eyes, turns cheeks and caresses lips

By Patti Pietschmann
Gals  put SoCal's Colourpop in your fall makeup routine for shockingly sexy  looks. I just got a sampling of the products and they rock and shock. This is  ColourPop's  second Fall Edition-- a Terracotta collection highlighted by  Plum. Just recently launched in their series of colour stories that focus on on-trend tones of the season. 
The collection contains two Ultra Matte Lips ($6), an Ultra Satin Lip ($6), a Pearlized Blush ($8), and a Super Shock Shadow Foursome ($20) which can also be purchased as singles for $5 each. The company also sells Lippie Stix in matte, satin,  pearlized and hyper glossy, Lippie pencils and Creme Gel eyeliner.
I tried it all and love the look, you will too, just click on and shop 'til  you pop.You won’t want to miss ColourPop’s international shipping promotion this weekend!  from now through Sept.26, 2016 ColourPop is offering free shi…

New FREE teen makeup classes launch at Sephora

Hey gals learn the art of putting on makeup at Sephora By Patti Covello Pietschmann
Are you a teenager who struggles with your  makeup?  If so get  yourself over to your  closest Sephora. The go-to beauty supply store is offering makeup classes just for you that are designed to teach you how to look like a supermodel and reach your #beautygoals. Free for Beauty Insiders, Sephora's new Teen Makeup class is one of a dozen essential classes covering the most in-demand beauty looks, like Contour & Highlight, Brow Shaping, or Essential Eyeliner. Not  your average class, these are 90 minute-long, engaging and interactive sessions. They are also more fun when you bring a friend.  Instructions deep dive into the fundamentals of good skincare, beginning with Skincare IQ to determine the best products for your skin type. Sephora's coaches emphasize that the better your skin is prepped and cared for, the less makeup you will need to wear. Next they teach you how to prep and perfect …

Awesome pHenomenal Vita Liberata Luxury Tan and mitt keeps you bronze beautiful all year around

Safe alternative to harmful tanning under the sun

By Patti Covello Pietschmann
I just got my sample of Vita Liberata Luxury Tan with a mitt applicateur from the company. Of  course I had to try it fast as I  could.  I  love it. Having gone through about of skin cancer, I shun the sun like the plague but I still love a tan. So this is the perfect alternative.
It looks so real and gives your  body a healthy glow. You can pretend, if you  want, that you just got off a Caribbean cruise or spent a few days on the French Riviera or St. Barths. Anyhow pHenomenal tanner is supposed to last eight days. I hope so. The mousse formulation is easy to apply with the Tanning Mitt that costs $8 extra and keeps from staining your hands. The tanner runs around $54.

Fragrances from Ralph Lauren do more than make you smell good

Sales  of Pink Pony Limited edition collection helps support breast cancer awareness By Patti Pietschmann

Fresh from the fragrance house of Ralph Lauren comes a couple of heady scents that will brighten your mood in more ways than one. Because more than just sweet aromas to  spray on your body they will also help support cancer  awareness with 100% of the profits going to  Ralph Lauren’s Pink Pony Fund--a worldwide initiative to fight against Breast Cancer, which supports programs for screening, early diagnosis, treatment, research and patient navigation.
Of  notes: ROMANCE is a floral chypre scent designed for the woman who believes in true love, combining an exhilarating mix of notes wrapped in a signature pink ribbon spiced with chamomile, ginger, sun goddess rose, lychee  with marigold, night-blooming daylilly, white violet, paradisone in the middle and skin musk, patchouli coeur, exotic wood at the end. Price is  $104. It's only available for a limited time starting Oct…

Say goodbye to contouring with new non-Kardashian beauty trend

The beauty buzz or how to look fresh-faced for fall By Patti Covello Pietschmann
According to beauty business insiders a a new beauty trend has surfaced that bids adieu to  the Kardashian-inspired trend  of contouring your makeup.  It's called nontouring. The idea is to achieve a more natural look through  illuminating/highlighting products that give you that youthful, gorgeous, fresh-face look.  Celebrity makeup artist Renee Sanganoo is behind the new technique along  with  supermodels such as Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner who are now sporting the look. 
To get  your started  view the video and read suggestions by  Perricone MD : 
Start the “nontouring look” with Perricone MD’s Cold Plasma to deeply hydrate and moisturize the skin as it serves as a great base. Formulated with Dr. Perricone's proprietary delivery system, Cold Plasma offers the skin all it needs for optimal health, while helping address the ten most visible signs of aging.

Next apply Perricone MD No Foundation Fou…

Pumpkin and wine and everything nice in this PCA skin toner

Update: when I wrote this I hadn't tried the product. But now I have and I love it. You can really smell the pumpkin and wine and feel  something good happening to your  skin. I use it morning and night after washing my face and before applying moisturizer and eye gel.

While I usually don't write about products I haven't tested, I loved the photo the PR agency sent so much I had to report about this fall-themed product. It that sounds so yummy. And it's calorie-free (but don't drink it it's for your face only). 
PCA SKIN Nutrient Toner is a pumpkin wine-based product you use after washing your face. It's designed to refine the appearance of pores, gently exfoliate and provide added nutritional benefit to the skin with the help of ingredients such as  vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, pumpkin wine that's  produced by fermenting whole pumpkin and provides the nutritional benefits of pumpkin, including vitamin A and vitamin C. PCA Skin Nutrient Toner also…

Get you love life in gear with wellness dating retreat at super spa Cal-a-Vie

It's been quite awhile since I visited Cal-a-Vie in Vista, California, one of my favorite spas second only  to the Golden Door, which is just a few miles away and was the prototype for the French Provence-style health resort which was founded by a former regular at the Door. The man who opened Cal-a-Vie later sold the facility and which the new (and current) owners updated but keep much of the successful philosophy of fitness and pampering.
On Oct. 26 Cal-a-Vie is offering a four-day “rejuvenating your dating life” retreat with renowned dating concierge and matchmaker Rachel Greenwald which sounds enticing. The program will include lectures, cooking demonstrations and serious chats about men and the dating game.
 Cal-a-Vie is a world-class destination health spa resort  with  32 private beautifully-appointed  , French Povencal-styled villas and an adjoining Country Club and 18-hole golf course. The program unites European Spa  disciplines with California concepts of fitness, heal…

Attention Crunch members: save the date 9/26 for a killer class Strong by Zumba with the Brutez Brothers

What  doesn't kill you will make you strong
By Patti Covello Pietschmann

These ripped and buff bros will whip you  into shape......
Crunch Burbank is offering a fun, highly-motivational class,  Strong by Zumba that combines  high intensity interval training and the science of Synced Music Motivation on Sept. 26 at 6 p.m.
Don't miss this opp to burn some calories, move your mojo and shape up with music that's crafted to push you to the limit . motivate and make you stronger with no judgments.

What's more the extreme session is being taught by the talented and uber-famous Brutez brothers who have danced for Chris Brown, Omarion and others and have appeared in movies and on TV in The X-Fact and So You Think You Can Dance. Jot in down. If you're not already a member this is a good time to join or get a free pass at
Crunch Burbank is located at 761 N. San Fernando Blvd. 818-336-9300

Watch the video for more about Zumba!

Fab finger fotos from Jeremy Scott and Creatures of Comfort OPI shows

OPI nails it again By Patti Pietschmann

Jeremy Scott  Miss Pop with OPI How to achieve the look  Prep  nails with  one layer ofOPI Natural Nail Base Coat. Select either OPI Nail Lacquer in I Just Can't Cope-Acabana, OPI Nail Lacquer in That's Berry Daring, OPI Infinite Shine Nail Lacquer in We're In The Black, OPI Nail Lacquer in Red My Fortune Cookie, or OPI Infinite Shine Nail Lacquer in Wild Blue Yonder to create the base for the look. Next, select a contrasting color for the dot in the center of the nail. Pour out a little lacquer onto a piece of tin foil. Dip the eraser end of a pencil into the polish and then lightly dab it onto the bottom of your nail. Allow the lacquer to completely dry before sealing your look with OPI Top Coat.
Creatures of Comfort
Nails: Alicia Torello using OPI GET THE LOOK   Apply  one layer of OPI Natural Nail Base Coat .Create a multi-colored French manicure alternating OPI Nail Lacquer in Eurso Euro, OPI Nail Lacquer in Sta…

Louis Vuitton launches an olfactory odyssey

Scents that travel anywhere by  Louis Vuitton Discoveries of Patti Pietschmann Do you wear your Louis Vuitton on your shoulder?  Carry it on trips?  Well now you can enhance your LV wardrobe with fabulous perfumes.  The  Louis Vuitton House is poised to present  olfactory odyssey of   travel bottles and fragrances.  marked Luis Vuitton that were created throughout the Twentieth Century. The Louis Vuitton House unveils its creative workshop in the heart of Grasse, in the Provence region of France; the unique history of the House's perfumer, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud; and the palette of exclusive raw materials assembled by him since his arrival. It is an invitation to travel, prologue to an imminent departure. Visiting the various Louis Vuitton in  workshops inspired Jacques Cavallier Belletrud to invent an infusion made to order. Fascinated by the subtleness of the House's natural leather smell, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud requested an extract of this leather from the perfum…

Celebrity hair salon Juan Juan introduces Kerastase Paris bespoke hair treatments

A haircare game changerby Patti PietschmannJuan Juan, the hair salon to the stars, is doing Kérastase Paris' bespoke haircare treatments - Fusio-Dose Hair Lab™. Below a fellow beauty blogger, stylist Whitney Port undergoes a personalized haircare diagnosis with the Hair & Scalp Profiler, that helped her stylist to mix a freshly fused formula based on hair type. The customized treatment wasConcentré Oléo Fusion(for nutrition) andBooster Reconstruction(for strength). No one size fits all this is a customized luxury for an affordable prices that starat at $30 in salons nationwide. 
Kérastase Fusio-Dose Hair Lab (in-salon treatment)is a game changer that ushers in a new era of personalized hair care by turning the salon into a high-tech treatment laboratory. The procedure personalizes styling with a uniquely prescribed and freshly fused formula. 

The steps to luscious locks start the Hair and Scalp Profiler Camera which zooms into the hair fiber up to 600 times, allowing the st…

Major massages purveyor Burke Williams opening spiffy new spa on La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles

Burke Williams to  open new spa on Sept.16 by Patti Pietschmann
Attention  Burke Williams fans. The WeHo spa located not far from Crunch at 8000 Sunset Blvd., has shuttered. The good news is they  are opening a spiffy new facilityon Sept.16 on  increasingly trendy La Brea Avenue.  I haven’t been to  the BW spa in a long time but  I always  enjoyed visits to the Santa Monica and West Hollywood branches where the massages were always tops. The facilities always provide these big, fluffy robes, slippers,  toiletries, relaxation areas and a menu of services.
The new spa will span 3,000 square feet and offer BW’s Custom Blend Alchemy Bar, Nail Care Salon with Steam Pedicures, Style Blow Dry Bar and more. And, a big bonus: complimentary and plentiful  parking. If you’d like to follow the spa’s  progress go to Facebook or Instagram! Video Tours VIDEO ONE VIDEO TWO
New Address
925 N. La Brea Ave
Hollywood, CA 90038
Phone: 323-822-9007
Fax: 323-822-2049
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Maintain your summer tan year around with Vita Liberata

Be bronzed and beautiful even in winter by Patti Covello Pietschmann

Did you work on your tan all summer?  Well, can't say I approve because you do know the sun is harmful to your skin and possibly your health (skin cancers are on the rise). However if tan you must and did,  you'll want to keep it as long as you can. Enter Vita Liberata, a non-toxic collection that can help prolong that gorgeous  glow of summer.
As always I promise to let you  know when products have been personally tested. I have not yet sampled these so they are not personally endorsed; but I am waiting for some to arrive from the PR company to give a full review. Until then I  wanted to get them on your radar asap:
Vita Liberata Moisture Boost Body Treatment ($20 at –Company claim:  a conditioning daily moisturizing lotion formulated with tan enhancing elements to extend your tan result. Features a touch of shimmer for a stunning skin finish. Vita Liberata Self Tanning Anti Age Serum ($4…

Little Barn Apothecary products now available at the spa at the Ranch at Rock Creek

Little Barn Apothecary, an upscale skincare company founded by Joshua Morgan and Brad Scoggins who create  organic, simple, botanical, efficacious products that contain no filers or toxins, has entered the  spa arena. The luscious collection is now being used in treatments at the Granite Spa at the Ranch at Rock Creek, an upscale resort in Philipsburg, Montana. It's the first time Little Barn Apothecary is available in a  spa and they picked a top spot  for the debut.

The  2,000  square-foot Granite Spa is offering select signature treatments that incorporate the skincare line in services such as the Rock Creek Custom Facial, Fisherman’s Facial, Saddle Soar Soak, Sapphire Pedicure and seasonal-favorite Pumpkin Facial. Naturally you can also buy the products at the spa and bring  home cleansers,scrubs, facial masks, serums, oils,tonic and any of  the other dozen products produced by Little Barn Apothecary.  The signature selection consists of Jasmine and Geranium Body Scrub, Le…

FarmHouse Fresh launches sensuous, silkening Shea butter soaps

Soaps  that refresh, silken and even improve skin tone By Patti Covello Pietschmann

Don’t you just adore FarmHouse Fresh for the nifty products from ‘fresh’  ideas that the company  keeps sending our way?  Today’s announcement is about its new Shea butter soaps--an opera of soaps  that come in a chorus of Coconut Cream, Citrine Beach and a reimagined Front Porch Punch. I haven’t sampled the soaps but they do sound delectable. “These hydrating, nourishing soaps are so thick and whipped that you can shave with them”, says Shannon McLinden FarmHouse Fresh CEO. Not a bad idea says one who has actually used creamy  soaps sometimes when traveling to shave my legs and arm pits etc. "This collection makes a perfect gift for friends, family, work colleagues, or can be an elegant housewarming gift that adds a touch of country charm to one's home or office," added Shannon.
The company claims that the products are  97%-natural and contain a hydrating blend  of Shea butter, olive oil,…