Review: K-Y Intense, it gets the job done

Getting a heads up on the Big 'O'
By Patti Pietschmann

Did you ever listen to Tom Leykis on the radio? I used to love that show that talked about how men can get laid and other lascivious topics of which one was 'getting the job done.' Well guys and gals who have sex, can we talk?  The new K-Y Intense is nearly fool proof in that area if you know what I mean. I wrote in an earlier post that  91 percent of men reach orgasm every time during sex while only 64 percent of women do. .  Well the K-Y brand (, a leader in sexual stimulation has created a game changer  with the launch of  K-Y® Intense® – a uniquely-formulated stimulating gel that intensifies the peak of a woman's pleasure for a more satisfying intimate experience for her and her partner.  
Women typically take up to three times longer than men to climax2, which can lead to less sexual satisfaction and more faked orgasms, but K-Y Intense aims to close that gap. Designed for manual clitoral stimulation, K-Y Intense creates these sexual sensations that warm, cool, tingle and intensify sensitivity for sheet-tearing, mind-blowing orgasms. Just a few drops of K-Y Intense on a woman's  most sensitive spots are all  a man needs to get the job done. 
"Too often women resort to faking an orgasm rather than getting what they want in the bedroom," said Karen Chisholm, K-Y Marketing Director. "New K-Y Intense stimulating gel helps increase sensitivity during foreplay and throughout intercourse to 'get her there' – no acting required!" "When the woman is more fulfilled with the sexual experience, both partners feel more content and intimately closer," said renowned relationship therapist and sex educator, Dr. Laura Berman. "Experimenting with different tools such as K-Y Intense can help intensify and create passionate sexual experiences."
In addition to recommending use of K-Y Intense, Dr. Berman plays cupid with a few love making tips which I have added to and altered a bit:
  • Meditate. it can calm a rush of thoughts and help you center yourself and focus on the present, which helps create more powerful orgasms.
  • Engage in Mental Foreplay. foreplay starts  when you wakeup each morning and  should continue throughout the day with little hints and touches. 
  • Be touchy feely  don't underestimate the power of touch.  Massage each other regularly, hug often, kiss as often, hold hands and stay connected and not through texting.  .
Visit for more information on K-Y Intense gel and Dr. Berman's full tips as well as other relationship advice, sexual health information, dating tips and foreplay ideas for even better sex. The K-Y brand is also releasing a series of "Get Her There" online videos bringing the orgasm gap to life through simple, relatable metaphors at
Hormone- and paraben-free, K-Y Intense stimulating gel is safe to use with natural rubber latex and polyisoprene condoms. It is currently available at stores nationwide (SPR $19.99 for 3.0oz.) as well as online at and

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