Lip syncing properties of eos balms

 The many uses for lip balm you never would believe

By Patti Covello Pietschmann

 Who knew lip gloss/balm could clean you glasses, hide pimples, erase mascara smudges and more. Check out what these little balls can do for you:

  •   Prevent BlistersLove your new peep-toe pumps, but hate what they do to your feet and heels?  eos Visibly Soft Lip Balm  can help reduce blister-causing friction, making uncomfortable shoes a lot more bearable. Rub a little lip balm on the back of your heels or sides of your feet (or anywhere you feel pinching for that matter) before a night on the town to help shoes glide on more easily and prevent blisters from forming.
  • · Hide Pimples To help cover up blemishes, apply eos Medicated Tangerine Lip Balm, which is packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing Shea butter and jojoba oil, to the area pre-makeup application. The texture smooths the area and creates a barrier that helps lock-down your foundation and concealer, completely disguising your breakout.
  •  Beat the Heat Need a quick way to keep cool during a heat wave? Try freezing your eos Honeydew Honeysuckle Lip Balm overnight, then pop it in your purse the next day! Applying the cool, fresh flavored balm is the perfect way to cool off a steamy day.
  • · Avoid A Makeup Meltdown It’s sometimes difficult to achieve a bolder eye look in the season of melting makeup; however, if you apply some eos Visibly Soft Lip Balm in Blackberry Nectar to your brush before using it for eyeshadow it will intensify the color. What’s more is that the tacky texture and moisturizing shea butter of the balm will act as a primer, prepping your lids and locking down color for long-lasting smudge-free wear.
  • · Clean Your Sunglasses Salty air and humidity can create a mess for your shades. Lip balm is actually better than Windex when it comes to getting your glasses sparkly clean. Simply rub eos Lemon Drop Lip Balm on your lenses and wipe them clean with a dry cloth for shades that look and smell great!

  • · Erase Mascara Smudges Smudged mascara is one of the eternal beauty problems of summer due to things like H2O, sweat and seasonal showers. Should you find yourself in a situation without waterproof makeup and have the smudged mascara to prove it, apply a bit of eos Visibly Soft Lip Balm in Coconut Milk to the streak and gently wipe it away with a cotton swab or soft tissue. The natural conditioning oils in the balm will lift away stray mascara without undoing the rest of your makeup.
  • · Soften Rough Cuticles Summer sun and salt water can dry out cuticles in an instant. If you notice a cuticle going rogue when you least expect it, head it off by applying a bit of eos Summer Fruit Lip Balm to the affected area. It'll soften the skin to prevent snags until you can get a proper handle on the situation.
  • · Treat Shaving Knicks With daisy dukes and itsy bitsy bikinis comes what seems like a never-ending cycle of shaving. Next time you get one of those annoying, but inevitable shaving nicks, simply apply a small amount of eos Medicated Tangerine Lip Balm to the affected area. The balm’s texture helps to seal the wound, allowing a clot to form, which quickly stops the bleeding.
  • · Tame Flyaway Hairs Struggling with frizz and flyaways from the heat and humidity? While lotion is often the recommended quick fix for these hair woes, this route can easily result in hair that look super greasy. Instead, rub your fingers over your eos Passion Fruit Lip Balm and apply to loose strands to instantly tame 

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