If it’s Wednesday it must be Powerwave Battle Roping at Crunch

Part of  a series of days at Crunch WeHo, one of a nationwide chain of wild and wonderful health clubs By Patti Covello Pietschmann

It’s already sunny this Wednesday morning in Los Angeles  as eager exercisers enter the classroom at Crunch WeHo for the 6:30 Powerwave Battle Roping class—just one of 16 instructor-led workouts on today’s schedule. The 60-minute class gets the juices flowing, works off last night’s  indulgences.  While that class is burning buns other members are doing  The Ride which started at 7 and like it sounds is a high-powered spinning class. 

The classes  keep on going  all day with more cardio, yoga, spinning, a Sex Ed workout and at last call starting 9 p.m. Xpole (a fun, sexy and challenging pole climbing workout with dance choreography that utilizes every inch of muscle in your  body).  Of course some self-starters are doing their own thing on the equipment pounding the heck out of the treadmills—like speed demons and hitting the weight machines and equipment to  keep up buff bods.
Crunch WeHo  is way to cool to be good  for you.  It’s a no-frills, industrial strength facility  with high exposed ceilings, packed with equipment, a great staff who  carry through the corporate mantra of ‘no attitude’ and ‘no judgments’.   You  just feel good working out there. Sometimes when I’m on a roll writing in my  home office, which is just about two-miles from Crunch,  I just can’t wait to finish my work so I can hit Crunch.

There are men’s and women’s  locker rooms with a sauna and steam bath,  showers, Bliss products(lotion, shampoo, conditioner, body wash), mouth wash and even free Tampons. Towels are also provided free of charge too.  All  you  need  is your workout clothes and shoes and a good attitude.
Of all the health clubs in the country I’m glad I walked into Crunch all those  years ago.
Crunch WeHo sits on the second floor of a complex at 8000  Sunset Blvd. (aka: Sunset Strip). Members get 2 1/2 free validated parking in the underground garage. 

There is a Starbucks on ground level for getting your caffeine kick, a couple of good  restaurants (one vegan), a Trader Joe’s (to stock up on provisions following your workouts),  a Sundance Movie Theatre complex with $6 tickets for all on Tuesdays,  and a few other retail outlets sharing the commercial  spaces.  For information call 323-654-4550 or click here (where you’ll  also find free passes).

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