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If it’s Wednesday it must be Powerwave Battle Roping at Crunch

Part of  a series of days at Crunch WeHo, one of a nationwide chain of wild and wonderful health clubs By Patti Covello Pietschmann
It’s already sunny this Wednesday morning in Los Angeles  as eager exercisers enter the classroom at Crunch WeHo for the 6:30 Powerwave Battle Roping class—just one of 16 instructor-led workouts on today’s schedule. The 60-minute class gets the juices flowing, works off last night’s  indulgences.  While that class is burning buns other members are doing  The Ride which started at 7 and like it sounds is a high-powered spinning class. 
The classes  keep on going  all day with more cardio, yoga, spinning, a Sex Ed workout and at last call starting 9 p.m. Xpole (a fun, sexy and challenging pole climbing workout with dance choreography that utilizes every inch of muscle in your  body).  Of course some self-starters are doing their own thing on the equipment pounding the heck out of the treadmills—like speed demons and hitting the weight machines and equipment…

If it's Tuesday it must be 'Peak Performance' at Crunch WeHo

Plus a whole lot more to motivate your muscles by Patti Covello Pietschmann
Okay it's Tuesday morning at 7 and scads of fitness enthusiasts are hitting the Peak Performance Ride at Crunch West Hollywood. It's a great way to start the day before sitting at a desk or auditioning for a role, or whatever you do  for a living. It's 45-minutes of cardio. Of course there's  always spill-over to the next class, The Athletes'ss Workout followed by Pilates Revolution, Body Revolution, Bodyweb Bootcamp with TRX, and Vinyasa Yoga which now takes us noon and time for lunch. Or perhaps not because there is Diesel, a 60-minute interval training class with high-reps and low weight strength training and muscle building. There's also The Ride, another Power Yoga at 1, and my favorite Flying Pilates that's about as exhilarating as it gets.
Moving on, literally,there are eight more classes up to Trapfit at 8:30 that gets the juices flowing, the metabolism revved up with trape…

Sarah Jessica Parker launches provocative,sexy STASH fragrance

Sex and the City star debuts her STASH By Patti Covello Pietschmann
I love how Sarah Jessica Parker describes her latest fragrance, STASH, as 'the culmination of a long love affair with scent that breaks all the rules and is un-apologetically sexy and thoroughly addictive." "When we were creating this fragrance it felt so original, unique and subversive…like we were working on a secret government project. I thought of the name STASH, because the fragrance came to resemble a precious stone – something you have to stash away because it's so valuable," says Sarah. . "There's a Dr. Seuss book called 'Oh, the Places You'll Go!' When people smell this… oh the places that it will go. The bags, the briefcases, the pockets, the trench coat pockets, the backpacks, the subways, the airplanes. No one is going to leave it behind." The sexy superstar has launched a mysterious global street art campaign teasing the fragrance's ultimate reveal. Ne…

The beauty of it all in pictures

A pictorial view of  my favorite products of a veteran beauty writer By Patti Covello
This is It!

And more Go for the Gold with Tiffany Andersen's Gavee Gold

How to treat and prevent ingrown toe nails

Keep up on your toes By Patti Pietschmann
Summer's almost over but don't flipflop about your toes.
Keep them looking pretty all year long. Whether you live in area like Southern California, Florida or Hawaii where sandals are worn year around, or in cities that require booting up, you still should keep your lower digits looking good for well  hot night boudoir activities, at the spa in the sauna or steam and for tropical winter vacations. 
If your toes in need of help Dr. Kally Papantonious, who  specializes in dermatology at Advanced Dermatology P.C. and the Center for Laser and Cosmetic Surgery, has some sound advice.  Dr. Papantonious explains that an ingrown toenail is a nail, typically on the big toe, that grows into the skin instead of over it. But the nagging pain, redness and swelling it causes around your toenail can seem all but simple to deal with when it actually happens - which it does to virtually everybody at some point. Who gets ingrown toenails? Certain factors …

Supermodel Hailey Baldwin to launch beauty line with ModelCo

Celebrity beauty power by Patti Pietschmann
 Hailey Baldwin is one of the most famous faces on today's runways, the daughter of sometimes irreverent but exceptionally talented Alec Baldwin and a former squeeze of Justin Bieber (view video for more details). The Bieb, by-the-way, has his own fragranceline. So in addition to her many talents, Baldwin will be adding a line of beauty products to her impressive portfolio. She will be launching a signature collection for ModelCo range November and according to the company, "is all about the famous model, daughter of Alec Baldwin's  signature go-to beauty products."  "I have always loved the world of beauty and was thrilled to be given the chance to show my creativity by collaborating with a cult-cool brand like ModelCo. I feel that ModelCo has a modern, innovative approach to beauty and I love that my fans can now create my personal beauty style. My product range is affordable, accessible and combines quality and femi…

Review: K-Y Intense, it gets the job done

Getting a heads up on the Big 'O'
By Patti Pietschmann

Did you ever listen to Tom Leykis on the radio? I used to love that show that talked about how men can get laid and other lascivious topics of which one was 'getting the job done.' Well guys and gals who have sex, can we talk?  The new K-Y Intense is nearly fool proof in that area if you know what I mean. I wrote in an earlier post that  91 percent of men reach orgasm every time during sex while only 64 percent of women do. .  Well the K-Y brand (, a leader in sexual stimulation has created a game changer  with the launch of  K-Y® Intense® – a uniquely-formulated stimulating gel that intensifies the peak of a woman's pleasure for a more satisfying intimate experience for her and her partner.   Women typically take up to three times longer than men to climax2, which can lead to less sexual satisfaction and more faked orgasms, but K-Y Intense aims to close that gap. Designed for manual clitoral stimu…

Le Mieux cleanse and tone duet brightens and refreshes

Le Mieux brings on the glow with exceptional cleansing/toning duo
By Patti Pietschmann
Watch your  skin glow after washing and toning with the Le Mieux CosmeticsBrightening Cleanser and Brightening Toner, a pair of morning and evening beauty partners designed to bring on healthy, radiant glow on even the dullest and driest of complexions. And after testing, they do. "Our new Brightening Cleanser and Brightening Toner work wonders on dull, uneven skin that has experienced sun damage and hyperpigmentation," explains Janel Luu, CEO of Le Mieux Cosmetics, the Beauty Guru's go-to global beauty brand . "This gentle cleanser brightens, nourishes, and boosts radiance without stripping skin of moisture, while calming and refreshing the senses with aromas of bergamot and neroli. Our soothing toner deeply hydrates and maintains natural moisture factors, reduces the appearance of fine lines, while brightening and evening out the complexion."

Both products have…

Sensational Skinny Tan bronzes, hides cellulite makes bodies beautiful

Wow have body bronzers changed for the better

by Patti Covello Pietschmann
There was a time when I tossed almost ever self-tanner that was sent to me for review, they just didn't work right. Some streaked others imparted a dreadful color.  Enter Skinny Tan, the magical millennial substitute for a sun-gotten tan that turns women into bronzed beauties safely without the harmful effects of the sun. And hey, the new  All Natural Sunless is great for hiding ugly cellulite bumps on your thighs or butt.
Why risk sun damage or even skin cancer, get  a beautiful bronzed body year around without ever having to sit under a sun lamp or go outdoor Skinny Tan. I've been testing all of the products
and can honestly say they are the best ever.  The After Glow is amazing. You apply it about five hours following the tanning application and voila you have a buff body beautiful Saint Tropez look like you just attended the movie festival in Cannes or spent the summer on the Cote d'Azur. 
Yup, …

Sustainable beauty products from Tria and Perricone MD to keep you looking young

Youthful looks can be yours again by Patti Covello Pietschmann
·    Let's get started withTria Beauty –an effectivewrinkle remover that uses light that makes youthful skin more attainable and frees us from endless and ineffective beauty regimens. Tria’s devices use dermatologist-recommended technologies to deliver results in the privacy and comfort of home and at a fraction of the cost. Tria’s portfolio of medical devices for home-use includes the popular Hair Removal Laser 4X and Hair Removal Laser Precision, Age-Defying Laser for treating multiple signs of facial aging, new Age-Defying Eye Wrinkle Correcting Laser for treating eye wrinkles and Acne Clearing Blue Light used to clear acne blemishes. Get rid of the fuzz with Hair Removal Laser Precision – specially designed for  underarms, bikini line, and other small, sensitive areas and is clinically proven to be safe and effective on women with light to medium skin tones and brown to black hair.  Then move on toPerricon…

Kismet's new Mascarade is a dream come true

Kismet Cosmetics launches all-natural mascara that leaves lashes lustrous  A review by Patti Covello Pietschmann

I couldn't believe my eye lashes after using the new Kismet Mascarade all natural mascara in Onyx. It almost looked like I  was wearing falsies. My lashes grew and darkened into a vampish sexy look. The product just launched on Aug. 9th and I'll be it's flying off the shelves.  It is 100% natural with ingredients such as Beeswax, Carnauba wax and essential oils. And it's just $16 at
Caitlin Picou, makeup artist and  founder of the Covington, La.-based company couldn't have said it more accurately when she wrote, "Mascarade answers many women's prayers (amen to that).The name Mascarade was selected by Kismet customers from an online poll. See  below for a makeup tutorial.  
You  really should try it, it's Kismet.

Beth Bender eyeliner stencils take the stress out of makeup routines

Best solution for perfect eyeliner ever by Patti Pietschmann

Most of us can master makeup applications such as applying foundation,  powder, blush and mascara.  But when it comes to adding eyeliner, if  you're like me, we struggle so much we want to pull our hair out. Well gals help is here with fellow beauty guru, Beth Bender's Eye Candy Gentle Adhesive Eyeliner Stencils. While this might take a little extra  time, the results are worth the effort.
They are the first ever, hands-free, adhesive eyeliner stencils created by Bender, her son, Paolo Marchica and key Makeup Artist, Aubrey Marino. “We are continuously striving to innovate and develop new beauty products and tools that will help and inspire women everywhere and with our newest Eye Candy Gentle Adhesive Eyeliner Stencils, I believe we have achieved this,” says Bender the founder and president of  her  eponymous empire. 
 Eye Candy Gentle Adhesive Eyeliner Stencils are made from a hypoallergenic, gentle material that a…

Male grooming:shaving with the remarkable Remington Verso

A real game changer in men's grooming  Article by  Patti Pietschmann, photo courtesy of Remington
Guys you're going to love the VERSO™, a complete tool for  for all your facial grooming needs created after 18 months of research and development. It's clever, intuitive, unique with a powerful motor and broad toolbox of five attachments that include a Triple Head Rotary Shaver, Mustache & Beard Trimmer, Daily Cleansing Brush, Deep Cleansing Brush andPre-Shave Brush. "Guys today take care of their appearance more than ever, and they want grooming tools that allow them to create unique looks. Men don't want to be categorized. Every man is unique in his approach to grooming and the final result," saidDann Provolo, vice president of Marketing at Spectrum Brands. "VERSO™ is fast-lane grooming — we have put the power of a personalized, high performance grooming experience in the palm of their hand." The sexy ergonomic curves razor fits in the palm of your h…

Mila Kunis reveals platinum engagement ring/wedding band on Conan

Celebrity news: superstar opts for super thin timeless piece By Patti Covello Pietschmann  Mila Kunis flaunted her engagement and wedding rings recently on on  Conan, saying, "My husband and I got married. He got me a beautiful engagement ring." The engagement ring is a knock out with a round solitaire diamond set on a timeless platinum band. "For our wedding bands, I wanted the thinnest possibleplatinumband. It's super thin," said Mila. Her versatile and subtle wedding band style works perfectly with all engagement rings.  Platinum bridal jewelry is boffo with the celebrity crowd. Why not, the metal lasts forever, making it ideal to symbolize a couple's promise and never fading commitment.