Ellen DeGeneres to leave pop NBC talk show to join multi-billion dollar beauty industry bandwagon

Wow! Already impossibly wealthy, Ellen DeGeneres seems to be seeking a piece of the multi-billion dollar beauty industry according to on line sources. She and wife Portia will face life by backing what they are touting as a revolutionary anti-aging product. Ellen's reputedly leaving her pop TV show in May to go full force promoting Skin Element and Eye Vibe which the 58-year-odd super series star says took her through a complete transformation. In an article in Shape Magazine Portia said, "We want to campaign for a greater cause. Women's anti-aging is important for the preservation of female beauty, confidence, and ultimately individual happiness."
Well today there's no more lucrative business than the beauty business which is heading for half a trillion dollars in sales.

People Magazine wrote that "Upon more research, we've discovered celebrities around the world like Christie Brinkley, Diane Keaton and Catherine Zeta-Jones have all admitted to using Skin Element to maintain their youthful glow."

I haven't had the opportunity to try the products but hopefully will soon and get back to you with my verdict.
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