Crunch; it does a body good

10 ways Crunch can whip you into shape for summer

Still having problems fitting into that skimpy bikini?  Hit the gym.  Workouts can actually be fun especially when it’s at Crunch--a chain of no attitude, high vibe clubs around the country. My Crunch of choice is in West Hollywood, California,  a high-roof, techno-style  facility that attracts a local and celebrity clientele who go there for the main purpose of being buff. And slim and trim these daily workout warriors are because in addition to availing themselves of tons of body toning machines and equipment they join in on entertaining but highly effective classes such as:
1. Sex Ed Workout—a sensuous couples Kama Sutra-like toning and strengthening session.
2. The Athlete’s Workout—just as it sounds this one caters to getting you trained and ready to get your game on.
3. The Ride—much like spinning but a lot more.
4. Trapfit—life is a cabaret when you hit this interval training session that uses custom made trapezes to let you fly through the air with the greatest of ease.
5. Washboard Abs—need we say more?
6. X-Men Apocaltypse-Survival of the fittest—zounds, if this doesn’t get you in shape nothing will.
7. Xpole—sexy session of pole climbing that increases flexibility and balance.
8. Zumba-the most entertaining class to hit the circuit where you burn calories while dancing to a Latin beat.
9. Yoga Beats—talk about raising the bar on this discipline with hand drums and top instructors.
10. Tread ‘n Shed—a really bad-ass cardio workout done on the treadmill that burns your buns.
Crunch offers free passes which are worth taking advantage of so you can decide if it’s the club for you—we think you might.
Crunch WeHo is located at 8000 Sunset Blvd., 323-654-4550. There are sparkling clean men’s and women’s locker rooms with showers, steam, sauna, Bliss hair and body products and towels. Want to get more motivated to join Crunch, watch the video it will inspire especially if you do the exercises. Remember Crunch: it does a body good.

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