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Be sun-safe for spring break and summer with Australian Gold and SwimZip

Hi guys and gals I'm back! It's been awhile but I am starting up this beauty blog again and do I have products, ideas, and stuff for you. First of all I have become very picky about tanning since recently having an ugly cancer growth from my arm. The sun is your worse enemy even though we all look so healthy and foxy with tans. 
These cover ups are SPF-proofed from which keep the sun penetrating your skin. But if you really need to tan do it risk-free with products such as Australian Gold SPF 45 Sheer Coverage Faces with Self-Tanner (8.99 at National drug stores). provides the SPF you need with an extra kick of self-tanner for a sun kissed glow without the sun damage – because let’s be honest your face never says as tan as your body anyway. The formula also contains great antioxidants with Kakadu plum extract, a native Australian fruit that provides exceptional levels of vitamin C and an oil-free formula so no need to worry about breaking o…