Face to Feet Beauty Products That Wow

La Roche-Posay Redermic UV (SRP $47.90) is a daily moisturizer that fills in wrinkles, tightens loose skin on the neck, smoothes fine lines and protects against UV damage. No need to drive to a department store to purchase- this time-saving product is available at your local CVS! Innovative ingredients include:
Madecassoside (95% pure): Helps skin to fill in wrinkles and firm from within.

L-Absorbic Acid (5%): Restores skin’s structure and improves complexion.

Hyaluronic Acid: Instantly smoothes fine lines by restoring vital hydration to the epidermis.

Photostable UVA/UVB Protection SPF 15: Provides a patented combination of octocrylene with avobenzone to provide photostable broad UV protection to effectivly defend against UV rays.
YoYo lipgloss for kissing sweet lips.

The perfect solution for acne plagued skin.

Brighten your smile, freshen your breath with this fantastic duo of toothpaste and mouth rinse.

Testing 1-2-3 Kiss everlasting French nails. Great results. They apply easier than expected and don't even need filing.Professional-looking. Only thing I don't like is the tips are a little too white. Otherwise so far so good. It's been two days so I'm hoping they last at least a week.

Dove's visibly smooth wild rose deodorant, it's supposed to make underarm hair less visible and give and it seems to work. Smells lovely, too, a very light scent.

Speaking of body hair, I'm also using Gillett's Venus Embrace new razors and love them. I take one to the gym, and keep one in my tub. What I like is the five curve-hugging blades that provide a smooth, close shave and the protective ribbon of moisture ShowerPod that helps the razor glide over my legs and underarms. Priced from $10 to $12. I use them with Satin Care Lavender Kiss Shave Gel for extra smoothness. (only $2.99).
FYI: Porter Novelli, the public relations company that reps Gillette's Venus send out an interesting fact sheet: that 110.5 million women or 91% of the US female population shaves; 102 of them use a blade or razor, 1.5 million use a depilatory, 7 million use creams or waxes and most shave 2.75 times a week and 11 times a year.

Next to test was Eufora's Elevate Aerosol Finishing Spray, also a winner. Nice and light with just the right hold and best of all it protects from damaging UVA and UVB rays and contains Aloe Vera, Panthenol that stregthens and adds shine and botanical extracts of chamomile, Rosemary, white chestnut and nettle and pure essential oils. Sells for $21, http://www.eufora.net/.
My favorite experiment was Zia Natural Skincare's Sea Tonic Rosewater & Aloe Toner, one spritz made my face feel tight and perky. It's made with seaweed extract, rosewater, essential oils of rose and Yiang Ylang and sells for $14.95, http://www.zianatural.com/
I also like Zia Natural Skincare's Fresh Cleansing Gel, used it last night to take off makeup and cleanse and it did a fab job and left my skin feeling soft and smooth. Sells for $17.95, ditto for the company's Moisturizing Cleanser with soybean ($17.95) http://www.zianatural.com/.

Before I went out last night I washed my hair with eurfora's dextoxifying shampoo that's made with lychee berry, chelating agent from Meadow Foam seed, coconut oil, Aloe Vera and essential oils, my hair rose to the occasion with a gorgeous shine. $23, http://www.eurfora.net/.

I've been trying out SpinBrush's Pro Whitening Sonic battery-operated toothbrushes for the past few weeks and love how my teeth look professionally cleaned and yes, whiter. These are must haves.

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