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Buon Appetito at Il Tiramisu in Sherman Oaks, California

First Bites

I just discovered a delightful Northern Italian restaurant, Il Tiramisu in Sherman Oaks, California--to the unitiated that's in the San Fernando Valley just over the hill from Hollywood and Beverly Hills. The place has been there for at least 10 years but we just got around to trying it and glad we did. What a find. An authentic neighborhood Italian eatery oozing with ambiance and rich aromas of old world cuisine where the host greets guests with a big smile and you feel like family, Il Tiramisu brings the warmth of Italy to America. Our waiter also wore a welcoming smile and happily handled our food and wine--both of which matched the mood.
I had the veal short ribs special. Tender, fall off the bone meat on pasta with an exceptional red sauce, and a Caesar salad that proved one of the best I've had in ages, it was actually perfectly dressed with crispy romaine and top quality parmesan cheese. Richard had the Caprese Lynne salad, but alas the tomatoes, touted orga…