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The hottest, newest, wow-factor beauty products of 2009…..

Coppertone NutraShield Dual Defense Sun Protection-- I used this in Palm Springs under a hot blistering sun and I

must tell you it works great. No burn, my ski felt silky smooth and the product smells fresh and clean. There's a 30SPF, 79 SPF and a 70 SPF for faces.

Bat those luscious lashes--which is what they'll be after using my latest discovery, RapidLash Renewal Serum by Promaxyl. This stuff really works even on brows. Makes brows and lashes look lush and healthy with daily application.

Be intuitive: Glimpse Intuitive Skin Care—a promising new personal skincare line adds intuitive aspects as it helps rejuvenate the skin. I love the texture of the Moisturizing Lotion—smooth, silky, feminine and the gel cleanser that foams and cleans and makes my face feel so soft. The toxin-free cosmetics are designed to “reinforce the skin’s natural defenses, promote luminous glow and younger-looking skin, brighten, stimulate cells, defend against environmental stressors and maintain firmness and elasticity”—according to the company. There are two Glimpse systems that include a cleanser, toner, serum and moisturizer and contain bioactive X3 complex xanthone-rich ingredients like mangosteen pericarp oil, polymeric complex and acidic complex (mangostten is a fruit by the way). Anyhow the company claims intense “in-vitro testing” of the formulas that offer 30 times the antioxidant levels of green tea. I just started using the products and so far I like the results. For more in dept information go to: . The product that works “intuitively with all skin types” retails for $200.
It’s all in the PeptidesRSF Pharmaceuticals sent me samples of the company’s new High Potency Peptides anti-aging collection. Just tried the eye serum, caviar daily cream and moisturizer this morning and liked how they felt and went on, very dense and oily and like they were doing something good for my skin. I don’t have enough to really test out the results, but it feels like it works pretty fast. Apparently the peptides do the work to stimulate collagen, remove wrinkles, firm, tone and moisturize. Lots of back up research of in depth studies to back it up.

Get the scoop:

Beauty Scoop, the edible beauty accessory developed by a mom and doctor team “ helps boost the body’s own regenerative power and reduce fine lines, wrinkles, add shine to hair, and even strengthen nails in 3 weeks”, according to the Opus Skincare, LLC ( I only got two packages to try so I won’t be able to definitive testing. But if I like it I’ll order more. Basically you empty the packet into cold or hot beverages and drink it down. Cheers.
AminoGenesis: One of my favorite cosmetics companies, AminoGenesis just keeps on giving us great products. This time they’ve come out with Wrinkle Arrest, a moisturizing day cream with SPF 18 for $69 that comes with all sort of wonderful benefits. But the company doesn’t stop here, they also have a complete anti-aging “CoreFour Collection” that includes “Really, Really Clean,”, “Therapeutic Facial Repair”, “Counter Clockwise Under Eye Treatment,” “Cocoon” body cream, “Perfect Reflection Anti-Aging, Anti-Oxidant,” and more, check it out at:
Wow factor accessories:
The Clever Clip—recently launched at America’s Beauty Show in Chicago, this handy hair accessory works with every mane from thin to thick so you can put your up, in braids, in a bun or plopped on your head. And it’s guaranteed to hold or your money back. Can’t beat that. I tried mine out in the pool and it worked even during vigorous laps. Only $10 for a pack of three clips,, 1-877-303-2547.
Bring out your inner Eve–with nifty products from Garden of Eve, specially crafted cosmetics that revitalize the skin naturally with no synthetic ingredients such as parabens and pthalates. Products contain organic cold press oils, unbleached and unrefined hand pressed butters and waxes as well as organically grown herbs and essential oils. Garden of Eve as pure as it gets,, 800-329-4748.
The Perfect Pout–You’ll love it,
the Serenlipty Lip Tint SPF-15 and little ball that opens up, with a mirror inside that omes with a retractable lip brush so you can paint the perfect pout. It’s really cool and makes a great accessory.
Man Care: Lest we forget the men in our lives, Pert Plus has come out with a fab new line designed for “him” like which recently launched Pert Plus for Men, a 3-in-1 (shampoo + conditioner + body wash), along with three new 2-in-1s. It’s the only brand dedicated solely to 2-in-1s.
Soap Opera– The Sonoma Soap Company ( has an exciting new line of all-natural body care products, including shampoos, conditioners, liquid soaps, bath and shower gels, shaving creams and body lotions that capture the essence and organic goodness of California’s wine country. Each one is like opening up a gift at Christmas. A slae to lavender, I love the Lavender Reserve natural hand and body lotion, it’s so lusciously luxrious and smells fantastic ( contains organic lavender floer, olive leaf and grape seed extracts), also love the Sonoma Natural Daily Conditioner with grape seed, red raspberry and green apple extracts and the Citrus Medley Shower Gel–just feels good going on and great when you’re finished showering or bathing–with pink grapefruit, sweet orange, and grape seed. I mean this stuff rocks, all so natural.
Every Sonoma Soap Company product is made from a blend of certified organic ingredients, including lavender, citrus, wildflowers, cedarwood, oatmeal, maple and more. The products are between 99% and 99.7% natural, 100% vegetarian, paraben and phthalate free, and the colors and fragrances are 100% pure, with no artificial aromas.

Keep coming back as I’m adding more products regularly. And remember Patti’s Pledge–you won’t see anything that wasn’t personally tested and believed to be one of the best.

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