Great Gift Ideas for Mother's Day May 10

Mother's Day is just around the bend so here's some nifty gift ideas to motivate your shopping mojo....and remember:

"M" is for the Million Things She Gave You

Now give back from the heart...with this adorable hot lace crochet riding gloves and crochet clasp style bloom bag designed by Kimo, owner/designer fo Effie's Heart, a San Francisco Bay Area
Indie women's clothing line. Check out all her other delicate gifts at

The crochet riding gloves are only $26. The crochet bloom bag retails for $38
You can see both at:

You made her frown enough, now help her get rid of the evidence with StriVectin's gift-wrapped set exclusively for Mother's Day. The pretty package contains StriVectin-HS Hydro-Thermal Deep Wrinkle Serum (which is no only proven effective, I tried it and it works), and StriVectin-SD stretch mark cream "turned anit-wrinkle phenomenon", she will love you for you and her face, neck and skin will thank her. Available at high end department stores for $99.

Help her wake up wrinkle-free....on a SkinGlow Pillow Cover--any woman would love this special anti-wrinkle pillow case. Yes, I mean "anti-wrinkle". I've been using mine for a week and see a big difference when I wake up in the morning. Not only are all those lines and creases gone, friends have been telling me I look radient. There's before and after photos on the packaging that show results from this special copper infused case ($19.99) at Bed Bath & Beyond or

Soft soap her with this a luxurous ensemble of fragrances from Softsoap: Exotic Orchid, Fresh Essence, Creamy Cotton with one reusable attractive pump. Pump's $5.99, replacements $2.99.

Purse her lips with nifty bags....

More bags and totes direct from the Internet, sit home and shop for any Mom on your list at where you'll find great gifts like:
· Tartan Shoulder Tote (SRP $159) – The perfect carry-all bag for a stylish, yet classic look. Teflon coated inside and out for stain resistance and ultimate durability. And it's constructed very well, looks twice the price.
Tartan Tote (SRP $95) – Perfect for just the essentials while strolling in the bright, spring days. Also Teflon coasted inside and out for maximum protection.
Linen Reversible Sports Hat (SRP $39) –I love this lightweight, reversible linen hat. It looks great on the golf course or in my Z4 convertible.

Super Mom-- give her gifts inspired by the classic Super Hero, Wonder

Woman, really cool stuff available online at, really cool Tshirts, clothing, jewelry and accessories.

Plug her in --with the Jawbone II headset, as Bluetooth® handset designed to eliminate unwanted background noise by a patented NoiseAssassin™ technology, which has the ability to separate speech from ambient noise. Plus, the minimalist design is 50% smaller than the original Jawbone and ergonomically designed to provide you comfort.
Bluetooth capability lets you use the Jawbone headset from up to 33 feet away
Patented NoiseAssassin technology separates speech from ambient noise with remarkable precision
Voice Activity Sensor (VAS) can accurately detect the frequencies in a person's voice
Advanced technology developed for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) --Invisible button design makes for a clutter-free look Constructed with ultra-smooth medical-grade plastic for premium quality
Jawbone II design is 50% smaller than the original award-winning Jawbone

What's included:
Jawbone II headset
AC charger
USB cable
Earbuds (3)
Earloops (4)

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