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Great Gift Ideas for Mother's Day May 10

Mother's Day is just around the bend so here's some nifty gift ideas to motivate your shopping mojo....and remember:

"M" is for the Million Things She Gave You

Now give back from the heart...with this adorable hot lace crochet riding gloves and crochet clasp style bloom bag designed by Kimo, owner/designer fo Effie's Heart, a San Francisco Bay Area
Indie women's clothing line. Check out all her other delicate gifts at

The crochet riding gloves are only $26. The crochet bloom bag retails for $38
You can see both at:

You made her frown enough, now help her get rid of the evidence with StriVectin's gift-wrapped set exclusively for Mother's Day. The pretty package contains StriVectin-HS Hydro-Thermal Deep Wrinkle Serum (which is no only proven effective, I tried it and it works), and StriVectin-SD stretch mark cream "turned anit-wrinkle phenomenon", she will love you for you and…

Having a Great Hair Day at B2V/Borrelli-Vo Salon

I arrive at the salon, slip into a silky robe and meet my "makeover man", Steve Lococo, stylist extraordinaire and co-owner of B2V/Borrelli-Vo Salon.
We discuss options. I defer to the man with one mandate: keep it long. He says he loves working with long hair, "it's a challenge."I'm thrilled. His talented hands--seasoned by over two decades in the business--snip and trim here and there to smooth rough edges. Steve performs like an artist, meticulously carefully considering hues and colors: a dab of red highlights, deliciously deep brown color followed by moisturizing, silkening mask that makes my hair bounce and flow luxuriously.

It's winner! Love my new look, hair shines, face glows, I love being a girl. Look at Steve beam. FYI: Steve concentrates on color and cutting, he likes to combine them for the perfect make-over or just updated do. B2V's the hippest hair spot in this town of many. The chic, handsome, hardwood floor-modern-style shop buzzes w…