Diamonds are Forever


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Man first discovered diamonds 4,000 years ago in the riverbeds of the Golconda region of India. However,” like the source of life itself, light, the radiance that shines from a diamond was born billions of years ago at a time way before mankind’s eyes could claim it beautiful (DeBeers, miners and markets that control much of the world’s diamond production.)

“Diamonds are the most desired gems. It’s one fact that never changes,” explains Darrell Ross, CEO of Ross Simon, a half-century old Rhode Island-base diamond dealer that operates more than a dozen stores along the eastern seaboard from Maine to Atlanta.

What does vary, according to Ross and other gemologists are colors and cuts. “Fifty years ago rectangular shapes were in vogue,” Ross explained, “then they lost popularity, but once again square rectangular, emerald cut, princess cut or Asscher Cuts are back.” Each differs slightly in number of facets the way they are cut. I think because what old becomes new, it’s clean and symmetrical and very pleasing. I have confidence in 20 years from now we’ll go back to oval and pairs, which are not even on the horizon now”.

As for color most experts agree that yellow are most popular especially in square shapes—which preserve the color more intensively than pear or round shapes). While pink diamonds are the latest rage with a startling price tag of $50,000 up to more than a million. “Think of it like buying a different model of a Bentley.”

“There was an Asscher family in Holland who in the 1900s cut a diamond it was modified cushion or square, sides had steps of cuts, they faceted it differently and it was a little more brilliant and it became popular. Descendants of the family modified the original cut by adding more facets and reintroduced the name. Now may be called the Royal Asscher cut. Usually this type of cutting is associated with larger carats. Larger stones the cutting shows up better.” Any version of the square diamond is the most popular now the desired cut, especially as canary yellow. The $50,000 and up. Like buying different models of a Bentley/

Liz Chatelain, president of MVI marketing ltd. Paso Robles, California, a firm that specialized says that pink diamonds are so hot because so many celebrities are touting them. The most consistent producer of the pink stone is Argyle Diamond mine in Western Australia which mines them straight from deep in the ground where the high heat and pressure turns them pink. All natural color diamonds come in a variety of intensities from light pink to almost red, red are the most expensive in the world per carat and are very rare commanding roughly $2 million a carat.
Pinks deep intense a million per all the way to white pinks for as low as $10,000 a carat.
Rio Tinto Diamonds Ltd., (London) mining above ground and running out of diamonds so have begun cave mining investing a billion dollars there are more diamonds deeper down in Australia. Newer diamond mines are now in Canada high quality white diamonds.
“DeBeers (miners and marketing arm that controls much of the world’s diamond production) which is marketing arm for diamonds, such a successful ad campaign that the Japanese market that never gave diamonds as engagement rings now do.”
When we first started customer wanted rectangular shape and now they want it again.

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