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The Glorious Golden Door Spa Awaits You

Pamper Yourself with a Week at The Golden Door
Anyone who reads my musings know I’m a huge fan and supporter of the Golden Door Health Resort in Escondido, California. It’s simply the best spa in the world as far as I’m concerned. I’ve been fortunate to have spent many weeks enscounced in the Japanese-style splendor of this pamper, fitness, health and spiritual sanctuary. I used to go twice a year–back in the anti-recessionary days.
Sure it’s expensive but it pays off big time to lose yourself — along with any excess weight, stress or negative thoughts–at this brainchild of spa doyenne Deborah Szekely who opened its gilded doors decades ago and immediately attracted a rich and famous clientele who also became loyal supporters/return guests and friends of the Golden Door like myself.
What Makes the Door Special(Let me count the ways)
1. A handpicked staff who pampers and coddles
2. The best exercise regimen on the planet including awesome mountain hikes combined with state of the art equipm…

Spa Specials at The Ritz Carlton in Palm Beach

Hey I love Palm Beach, Florida. It brings back fond childhood memories of family vacations and actually living there for awhile with my folks. Much has changed since then, lots of new restaurants and hotels like the posh Ritz Carlton, which is offering us sybarites, pamper-lovers special spa breaks. I haven't been to the hotel yet, but I'm very familiar with Ritz Carlton's style and if it's Ritz it has to be good. I was a regular at the Ritz Carlton Kapalua, Maui for many years, partly because my husband and I were friends of John Toner, the amazing General Manager credited with the hotel's major success. I hope to check the Palm Beach property out soon and will report back with a full, and unbiased review. In the meantime here's the scoop:

From March 1, the hotel is offering an escape to Eau Spa at The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach with extras like Saturday Night Fever techno tunes in the steam rooms, specially concocted potions from the Scrub and Polish Bar’s resi…

The Real Skin-ny on Facials

The Truth About Facials
Face it. Save for the genetically blessed, most of us need extra help in caring for our complexion. This goes double for anybody with sun damaged or maturing skin. While following a skin care regimen at home is a good start, cleansing and moisturizing alone won’t do the trick. Keeping your complexion in tiptop shape requires professional care.I know, I've been getting regular facials since I was 22, partly for my job as a beauty writer, and mostly because I knew the benefits. I was lucky to have a gorgeous aunt who was a model whose advice on diet/exercise/and skin care stuck with me from the time I was a little girl painting her nails for her.

“The perfect facial begins with a complete skin analysis to determine the proper applications for each individual, and unfolds like a beautiful orchestration which focuses on every detail,” according to Ole Henriksen, internationally renowned face-saver of the stars whose client list at his Los Angeles, California…

Diamonds are Forever


these ½ Carat Diamond Stud Earrings $295.00 / available at

Man first discovered diamonds 4,000 years ago in the riverbeds of the Golconda region of India. However,” like the source of life itself, light, the radiance that shines from a diamond was born billions of years ago at a time way before mankind’s eyes could claim it beautiful (DeBeers, miners and markets that control much of the world’s diamond production.)

“Diamonds are the most desired gems. It’s one fact that never changes,” explains Darrell Ross, CEO of Ross Simon, a half-century old Rhode Island-base diamond dealer that operates more than a dozen stores along the eastern seaboard from Maine to Atlanta.

What does vary, according to Ross and other gemologists are colors and cuts. “Fifty years ago rectangular shapes were in vogue,” Ross explained, “then they lost popularity, but once again square rectangular, emerald cut, princess cut or Asscher Cu…

USAir Hudson River Landing Vs Flight 1767 April 1996

On April 30, 1996 I was in an emergency landing on a flight that originated in Las Vegas and was bound for Burbank, California. We never made it to our destination but we did finally land safely. The landing gear was stuck, the pilot contacted headquarters and the decision was made to try various methods of fixing the situation. Two of the scariest maneuvers I’d ever experienced. The first was series of “roller coasters” in the sky, in an effort to jar the errant gear. Didn’t work,but scared the you know what out of most of us passengers. The second was two “touch and goes”, the pilot heads for the runway at full speed, bounces the wheels and takes off again in an attempt to jar the wheel lose. We did this two times. After two hours flying around unsure whether the plane was going to land and dumping fuel into the Pacific Ocean the pilot and crew braced us for an emergency landing, much like the USA Air pax must have gone through. We landed on a wing and prayer, flat on the plane’…

Best Beauty Products for 2009

Best Tried and Tested beauty products to help you look great in 2009
Yep, I tested them all and they work great otherwise I wouldn't be telling you about here goes my Testing 1-2-3 tips for the year.
Dry Skin?Try Lac-Hydrin Five Moisturizing Lotion -- it really works. I tested in on my driest skin and it passed the test. Also, boscia Jujube Rejuvenist Amino Body Wash and Rejuvenist Whipped Body Creme. I love these two products. The body wash actually contains jujube fruit, green tea, jojoba leaf, willow herb, raspberry leaf and yuzu and mint. Smells great, keep your skin baby soft. $22. The body cream has jujube fruit, mulberry, peony root, rose hip oil, Roman chamomile and yuzu essences ($30), at, or

Smooth Shaves-- eos the revolution of smooth, introduced an amazing shave cream with vitamins C and E that gives a close shave and keeps your skin silky smooth. Only $4.99 at

Face Cream-- AB Mois…

The Scent of Celebrity

Celebrities Add Their Sweet Scents for Valentine's Day

If your sweetie Joneses to see stars, give her the next best thing, their fragrances.

Elizabeth Arden
just launched celebrity fragrances especially for Valentine's Day gifting no only smell fabulous but come gorgeously packaged. She'll love you for spraying her with perfumes by Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Hilary Duff and Badgley Mischka.

And gals, you can make him smell good with Jay-Z's first fragrance, 9IX Rocawear with its fresh, macho scent that women love. Heard he dabbed it on himself to see what reactions he would get before giving his approval.

Britney Spears is the celeb behind HIDDEN fantasy--a breezy-scent, pretty in a pink bottle. Britney’s love for white florals, vanilla, and luscious desserts are apparent. Available at: Carey’s Luscious Pink sends out a sparkling and intoxicating aroma that embraces Mariah’s ever-captivating presence and playfully seductive persona…

Toasting 2009 in Style

Here's a nifty Valentine's Day tip, serve up a Finlandia Kiss: mix 1 oz. Finlandia Cranberry Fusion 3 oz. Cristal or Laurent Perrier Champagne Combine stir, don't shake, strain and pour into chilled champagne flutes.
And here's some twists on toasting in the new year.....Cheers to all.....

I love good 100% agave tequilas and a good Margarita made with fresh lemons and natural flavorings, refreshing and intoxicating. While not quite a Margarita mixed, I just sampled a unique beverage called Agavero Tequila Licor--it's great for cooking or drinking. Try it with New Year's recipes or sip some after dinner. $29.99 a bottle.