Polaroid Pogo: a must give; Diamonds, buy with caution

Ultimate Gift Guide--Polaroid PoGo, a Must Give; buying diamonds online

Okay it's almost September and really time to get a leg up on holiday  shopping which you can do by checking out my annual gift guide entries.  This one features the new Polaroid PoGo portable printer, a nifty one-stop-shopping website (www.suburbanriot.com) and a Q&A on how not to get ripped off buying diamonds.

For starters here's one for every digital camera buff, it's really nifty. Lets you print photos on the road, at home or wherever you are instantly. Works great--just tried it out. Anyhow it's called the Polaroid PoGo--abbreviated or Polaroid-on-the-go--a  pocket-sized, inkless digital photo printer that produces full-color photos wirelessly from Bluetooth-enabled cell phones and via PictBridge from digital cameras.  

It was really amazed how easy it was to use with my Canon PowerShotA530--I thought I was going to fumble and stumble, but just shot a photo, clicked on menu, clicked on print and voila a perfect picture came out. Your friends will love for it, of course you should probably get one for yourself while you're at it.

Polaroid PoGo™ –    inkless digital photo printer that produces full-color photos wirelessly from cell phones and via PictBridge from digital cameras. The full-color digital photos are created without ink cartridges or ribbons using ZINK Photo Paper™, keeping the printer to about the size of a deck

Check out www.thenewinstant.com or www.polaroid.com/PoGo

If  you're considering giving diamonds this holiday season, use caution. Had a bad experience recently from a reputed "reputable" local dealer. So I heard about an online company andasked them for tips on how to buy the precious stones...here's their reply and worth noting.... -From the experts at www.B2CJewels.com:

Question:  How do you best buy diamonds online?  What do you look for? 

Answer:  According to the experts at B2CJewels.com, the first thing would be to educate yourself on the 4 C's.  Understand  Cut, Color, Clarity, & Carat. Then second thing would be to find a reputable jeweler online who you know has been in business and can assist you in helping you find your perfect diamond.  This online jewelers should be able to help you sort out all the diamonds and find a diamond based on your specific criteria and or budget.  

Question:  In the case of this reporter:  “My husband bought me a beautiful diamond pendant, he picked out each diamond and the jeweler made the piece, it was supposed to be 2.6 ct and after I had it appraised was much less. After much hassling, we were able to return it and get our money back, but it soured us on diamond buying. How can people avoid this pitfall and the cost of appraisals, which in our case was $175.

Answer:  This again would fall into the credibility of the jeweler. This can happen at an online or brick and mortar retailer.  Once dealing with an established jeweler you know his reputation is on the hook and will do whatever it takes to give the customer whatever he or she has been promised.  Often at www.B2CJewels.com on loose diamonds, we sell GIA certified diamonds.  GIA is the most reputable grading laboratory and its ethics is held at the highest level.  At B2CJewels we are proud to have a selection of over 40,000 GIA certified diamonds.  With each GIA certified diamond the customer gets a certificate stating exact details of the diamond they are buying.  This helps in resolving any questions a customer might have regarding quality of the diamond they are purchasing. Also, B2CJewels.com  offers a 30-day money back guarantee.


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