Hot Products Alert--from head to toe literally

In my relentless pursuit  of more efficacious products I recently tested a batch of exceptional  head to toe essentials that I just had to share. The biggest surprise was the PedEgg--an amazing tool that removes callouses and dry skin. I tested it on my husband's and my feet. It was amazing. My feet are in the worse shape, I hate to admit, especially callouses on my big toe. Well the PedEgg practically removed the entire callous in one short session. Even Consumer Reports has raved about this invention. It's cheaper than a pedicure and actually more effective than most. And only about $10 at Walgreens, Bed Bath & Beyond, Wal-Mart, Target, CVS or Sally Beauty Supply. Check it out a or It also makes a great stocking stuffer or anytime gift for men and women (see my gift guide below). I also recommend  Nikkel Holistic Skincare Microdermabrasion Kit for In-Home Use and Hair Play Custom Blend Set & Seal. Let's start on the face. The Microdermabrasion Kit is amazing. I've had the procedure in salons but nothing beats saving gas and time by doing it at home. The stuff really works, too. It's  the crystals that do the trick, but if you go out and get it be sure to follow directions. I screwed up the first time. You're supposed to wash your face first and pat it dry but leave it a little moist. However your hands should be dry. Then you apply a smidgeon of Step 1 to problem areas on your face and massage until the crystals exfoliate fully. Rinse and go to Step II for really baby soft, radiant skin. This really could be the fountain in the youth in a jar we're all searching for. Trust me, lines are erased and wrinkles diminished. It's as good as a chemical peel, but less invasive and safer. Alas, it's not cheap, but much less expensive than at a day spa or salon at $79 per kit. Check it out at or email:

Obviously Set&Seal is for hair, and these products also wowed me.  First you apply Set foam to clean, towel-dried hair and you can make curls or go straight and sassy. Then add a little "Seal" for a shiny, glossy texture and voila you look like you just walked out of a pricey New York or Beverly Hills salon.

I also found a great teeth whitening product called iWhite--an in-home tooth whitening product that works magic. It's right up there on Patti's Prattles top 10 list. I tried for the prescribed 5 days and it worked. Comes with a  try which you fill with the whitening solution and wear for about 20 minutes--while you're watching tv, working at your pc or reading the paper.

Crest gets into the whitening act with Crest Weekly Clean Intensive Cleaning Paste--it polishes as it cleans, according to the company,  
with special ActivClean Crystals" and a blend of polishijng silicas." Check out:
Longer lustrious lashes--La Bella Donna, one of my favorite cosmetics company introduced its Enriched ash Enhancement--not a mascara, the slim "pen" contains a liquid which you brush over along your lash lines morning and night. In just a few days  lashes are softer, conditioned and beautiful. What's more it's all natural and organic.
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