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Perky Breasts, Smoother Skin, Whiter teeth, sexy lips

Perk up your boobies with Bralief by the Bra Clip, Inc. First my neice sends me a set of "chicken cutlets"-- silicone-like inserts you put in your bra that provide an instand breast enlargement without surgery. They look and feel like the real thing, too. Then another friend tells me about Bralief by the Bra Clip, Inc. Hmmm. The Bralief loops around the straps of your bra and perks and lifts your breasts. I had a little trouble getting them on, but once I mastered the technique it worked great.   Packaged in pretty little sachet like bags, they're perfect for gifting especially at bridal showers. Great New Anti-Aging Product for sun damaged skin New product alert. Okay your beauty expert samples lots of products that come with lots of promises. But here's one that really seems to work, it's the first one I ever used that actually does diminish sun damage, after one week I really noticed the difference. So if you have sun spots or damage run don't walk and get …

Staycations Rock

Staycations Rock My husband Richard & I did something different this summer. We stayed home and are loving it. Yup, we've joined the staycation crowd. Never knew there was so much to do in our own backyard, as it were.  As travel writers we are usually in the air, on a ship, on the road or in a hotel--but not this summer. We are home, sweet home.  And the weather in Los Angeles has been more than accommodating. We are use our pool night and day and enjoy an adult beverage of two, like a zesty new drink called Limoncello which I discovered. Man is it good. Also do some mighty fine tastings. Just had some friends over to open a  Jeroboamof Pine Ridge Chard which we've been saving for about 10 years--it was amazing. We also go hiking, biking, to the gym, and host house guests like our friends Bob and Jules Clampett from Seattle--actually they live on an island outside the Emerald City.  We are also using the time in town to sample new restaurants or return to favorites, go to …