Boy toys--great gifts for guys

 Need gifts for guys, here's a few choice ideas to make your shopping easier:


Give them an Every Man Jack "Beginner's Luck Kit" they will love it. The kit comes with a hydrating shave gel,  gentle face wash that smells like coconuts and does a deep pore cleansing, post-shave face lotion that's macho, hydrating and helps heals dry skin or razor knicks, body wash made with coconut, essential oils that's invigorating and moisturizing and soap made of pure vegetables and marine extracts that also moiszturize, And guess what, it's only $24.99 at or



Ultimate Digital Entertainment System

From the garage to the den and outside at the BBQ, dads can have a variety of their favorite tunes playing ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Sonos ( is an easy to use portable, wireless music system with a handheld remote that lets dads manipulate their music from anywhere inside OR outside of the house – and in multiple rooms simultaneously (so, while dad is in the garage listening to Sports Radio, mom can be in the kitchen listening to jazz and little Sally can be upstairs rocking out to Hannah Montana in her room). And better yet, Sonos comes with over 300 Internet radio stations free of charge (so there is something for everyone to listen to right when the device gets turned on)!   

Dads can set an alarm to start/stop and change up the music whenever they like and with the wireless Sonos Controller, they have access to millions of songs — including songs from their personal music services (Rhapsody, Napster, etc.), Internet radio and their personal music collections. Friends can come over and bring their iPods and play them right from the system as well. Sonos is a great gift for the dad who loves to entertain and has a full household – it’s like the family cell phone plan, but for music!  Okay it's $999.00, but isn't he worth it! Available at: and Best Buy stores nationwide<?
Docupen--this unique slimline gadget scans in seconds right to his PC. Portable, easy to use--but if  he works with Vista, he'll need a special Vista Paperport Application available from the company or on the web. 877-362-8735 for more information

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