Beauty Secrets of The Stars: Britney & Beyond

How do the stars stay so gorgeous...with a little help from a lot of sources from radical plastic surgery, nips and tucks to shelves stocked with bottles and jars filled with miracle creams, serums and gels. While I can't promise the fountain of youth in a jar, I can tell of you of a few efficacious remedies like the latest collection from my favorite Dermatologist/entrepreneur/cosmetic's wonder, Dr. Howard Murad. It's alled "Intensive Wrinkle Reducer" and comes in preps for face and eyes, kind of pricey but worth it for the results--or at least I hope so. Just started the regimen and looks good so far. Check it out at, or a, or if you happen to be in the Los Angeles area, visit Murad's nifty spa in Manhattan Beach--where you'll get some of the most effective treatments available in the industry in a pleasant setting.

Wow! Just finished sampling Amino Genesis Therapeutic Facial Repair and it works. What a difference in the texture of my skin. Touted as a "revolutionary new approach to skin care", the product is based on 17 plant-derived amino acids tha help crfeate and maintain collegan and elastin. After one week I saw a major improvement. It cost $44 for  a 1.7 ounce jar and worth every cent.

Also on my top 10 list: Skin Scientifica's T'fivve--the latest buzz in anti-aging products that includes a cleanser, revializer, eye repair serum, moisture cream, hand treatment and body smoother all designed to defy time.  I did a two week trial and am  very impressed with the results. So is my facialist.  In the meantime go to: or

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