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The Dining Diva & Rick Dees in the Morning

Snippets from the Dining Diva on Rick Dees in the Morning on Movin 93.9 FM Rick Dees in the Morning             The Dining Diva                                   Patti Pietschmann In case you missed the show, on Friday, April 25 Patti Pietschmann, the Dining Diva, dished with Rick Dees in the Morning on the new Movin 93.9 FM about Luckyfish, a  hip, new spot in Beverly Hills serving some the best sushi and Japanese food in the town at affordable prices offering what they call the kaiten-zushi concept in Japanese dining. Color coded plates go from chef to table via a conveyor belt that winds through the luncheonette-style restaurant. The menu: from shushi rolls, sashimiand nigir priced from $3.50 to $10--there's also soups (try the Miso) salads (tofu and seaweed and spiky chicken are my favorites) , Chilean seabass teriyaki and other  choices such as:CrunchyPanko Breaded Shrimp with Tonkatsu Sauce($6); Yakisoba with Shrimp or Vegetables ($4.50-$6.50); Japanese Shishito Peppers ($6.50…

The Dining Diva Does Rick Dees in the Morning

The Dining Diva Does Rick Dees in the Morning Loopy | Movin 93.9 FM

Friday, April 18, 2008-- With Rick Dees at Movin 93.9 FM Rick Dees in the Morning             The Dining Diva                                   Patti Pietschmann Friday April 18—the Dining Diva had fun with Rick Dees in the Morning onMovin 93.9 talking about an outside the box, fun, fast food restaurant called, get this, “Oinkster”.It’s the brainchild of super Valley chef, Andre Guerrero (who runs the popular Max in Sherman Oaks, California) who says he came up with the name during a late night rap session. “My girlfriend Jan who’s also my pastry chef threw it out and we all loved it,”he confessed. Everything on the menu is freshly made, even the ketchup and whipped cream. Open for lunch and dinner Oinkster’s menu includes sandwiches like house cured pastrami ($7.50), 1/3 pound hamburger made from fresh Nebraska Angus beef ($4.25), BBQ pulled pork ($6.50) and assorted Rotisserie chicken plates, salads, Belgian fries, and …

Summer musts from head to toe

Just picked up a cool pair of Savannah sandals by OKA b. They are amazing. Comfortable. Nifty looking in white with rhinestone like  ornaments over the straps. And they feel so good on your feet with therapeutically contoured insoles that stimulate as you walk around. Perfect  for the beach, or even shopping at the mall. There's lots of styles so order a Spring Summer 2008 catalogue from:   You will love them back. Okay call me fickle, but I found another pair of sandals I couldn't live without, these are from designer Bonnie Marcu. The stappy, flirty flip flops are so cool with a blue sole boating a big yellow sun and a drawing of a woman in a halter top and wrap around with "day off" written on the heel. Comfy, chic they are a must have for summer.  And there is really a Bonnie Marcus, a 32 year old entrepreneur who became a fast success with a stationery, cards and invitation business which she craftily parlayed into other merchandise. Her …

Beauty Secrets of The Stars: Britney & Beyond

How do the stars stay so gorgeous...with a little help from a lot of sources from radical plastic surgery, nips and tucks to shelves stocked with bottles and jars filled with miracle creams, serums and gels. While I can't promise the fountain of youth in a jar, I can tell of you of a few efficacious remedies like the latest collection from my favorite Dermatologist/entrepreneur/cosmetic's wonder, Dr. Howard Murad. It's alled "Intensive Wrinkle Reducer" and comes in preps for face and eyes, kind of pricey but worth it for the results--or at least I hope so. Just started the regimen and looks good so far. Check it out at, or a, or if you happen to be in the Los Angeles area, visit Murad's nifty spa in Manhattan Beach--where you'll get some of the most effective treatments available in the industry in a pleasant setting.Wow! Just finished sampling Amino Genesis Therapeutic Facial Repairand it works. What a difference in the t…

The Golden Door Swings into Mini-spa breaks/ here come the brides

The Golden Door Glow...... You flow with the Zen-like pace into another world which knows no stress, feels no pain into a sort of transcendental, spiritual boot camp where you are virtually led by the hands toward a path of health, fitness and spirituality. Unmatched by any spa and health resort, The Golden Door was created by Deborah Szekely--now the doyenne of the genre--who decades ago had a vision that turned into a much-imitated concept that would change the lives of all who stepped through the brass portals of this Asian-style compound where 40 people sluff off the demands of  real life for a kind of fantasy week dedicated to them. Some go to lose weight, others to firm and tone or simply relax and enjoy a healthful regimen of finitely-tuned exercise, ultimate pampering, nutrition and mental inspiration. Pure nirvana--breakfast in bed, rubs in your room, daily beauty treatments, detoxifying herbal wraps, gourmet spa cuisine, enjoyable exercise and workouts designed for every …

The Dining Diva Digs her Fork into April

Welcome to April...spring is finally here and so is baseball. Go Yankees! Friday Mornings With Rick Dees at Movin 93.9 FM Rick Dees in the Morning              Patti Pietschmann: The Dining Diva  The Dining Diva(Patti Pietschmann) Does Rick Dees Morning Show On Friday, March 28--at Movin 93.9 FM--the mix that makes you move--listen as the Dining Diva told Dees' listeners about Joselitos in Tujunga--a three decades old Mexican restaurant with low prices, great food and vibes--broadcast live and on tape from the beautiful Golden Door health and fitness resort in Escondido, California where the Dining Diva spend a salubrious week whittling down to size so she can start dining out again. The resort offers a Sunday to Sunday program of spa cuisine and non-stop fitness options that begin with an early morning mountain hike--like 6 AM which this Diva finds somewhat uncivilized since she's not quite an morning person, but does it never the less. Hey if Jennifer Tilly, one of my fellow sp…