Awesome head to toe must have beauty products

Wow! Just finished sampling Amino Genesis Therapeutic Facial Repair and it works. What a difference in the texture of my skin. Touted as a "revolutionary new approach to skin care", the product is based on 17 plant-derived amino acids tha help crfeate and maintain collegan and elastin. After one week I saw a major improvement. It cost $44 for  a 1.7 ounce jar and worth every cent.

It's getting close to tan time folks and what better way to accentuate it with whiter teeth and a brighter smile. Well before you go spending big bucks, here's a simplerf, cheaper solution, iWhite Maintenance Stick--a portable, fit in your purse or pocket, quick fix. One end is a gel that you apply first, the other end has a wax that seals the gel. Let is be for at least 15 minutes and voila your teeth are whiter and it even freshens your breath. Only about $15 at CVS,; or

Beauty buffs pay attention: Skin Scientifica's T'fivve--the latest buzz in anti-aging products. And well who doesn't need a little help. This line includes a cleanser, revializer, eye repair serum, moisture cream, hand treatment and body smoother all designed to defy time.  I am beginning my regimen today and will report back in a week or so. In the meantime go to: or

This just in--from summersoles -- Fragrant Footings-- new scented shoe liners that not only leave your feet smelling spring fresh, but work as super replacement for warn out soles. There's jasmine, lemon and mint--$15 for two pairs of trhe absorbent stay-dry style or $11 for two pairs of cushioned ball-of--foot pads. I love them. Go to or call 888-773-9626.

Just tried a new shampoo frolm Cristophe, some might remember as the hair stylist for President Bill Clinton who cut our Chief Exec's hair for $200--back in the day. While it costs more than that for Cristophe to trim your tresses now, he now has his moniker on a reasonably-priced shampoo, "Purely Natural" that works wonders. My hair was fuller and shinier after just one use. Available only at CVS/pharmacy, the shamooo costs less than $8.

Also in my next to try beauty bag:  Amino Genesis Skin Care -- a line of amino acid-based products designed to diminish signs of aging, stay tuned.

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