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Sport Shoes, Eye Lash Lenghteners, Innovative shades

Okay pictured above Lilash, a novel product designed to lengthen and color lashes in four weeks. I am on week 2 and seeing some results so far. My lashes are darker but not longer yet, say tuned. I love big bold shades but can never find them in prescription sunglasses, well now Live Eyewear has come to the rescue with fashion-centric sunwear that you actually put over your Rx glasses. Actually I've been doing this for years but it wasn't exactly what I'd call a fashion statement. These oveRx's fit perfectly over your glasses and look really cool. Be hip, look trendy. Check it out at, Also been testing BT Masaai Barefoot Techology footwear for about 5 days now. I power walk and hike in them. They are designed for posture and ultimate use of butt, hip and thigh muscles. Let me tell you, you feel the burn, but it's all good. It's based on the principle of barefoot walking Masai folks and a lot more so check it out at The sh…

Great gadgets and ideas

Cell phone accessories: Naztech n300 rapid charger. It's really cool, plugs into cigarete lighter, PC or and keeps them charged for hours. Add Naztech's easy to use (I mean easy, took me a second to get it working) n260 Bluetooth with 5 hours talk time and100 hours standby and it looks and sounds great.. necessities:  It's a package of three necklace extenders. Just whatevery woman needs. It also comes with Secure Strips that holds the necklace in place so the clasp doesn't keep moving to the front. I love it. www.NecklaceNecessities.comFor party givers:Dear Peppers and Pollywogs by LisKothariis a must have for  today's moms and dads who like to throw parties for their kids.Let's face it we can all learn the do's anddont's andthere are many listed in this adorable book.Great stocking stuffer or under the treeand you can buy lots to give to lots of friends and relatives. since it's only $9.95, go to www.PeppersPollwogs…