Platinum Emmy Lounge Swagfest 2007


My friend Mona Safer Edwards--talented illustrator who did the illustration above-and I swagged around the Platinu Emmy Lounge gifting event sponsored by Sheer Cover and other companies eager to get celebs to use their products. It was held on the roof of the Luxe Hotel in Beverly Hills on one of those gorgeous LA sun shiny days.  Most of the invitation only Emmy hopefuls who attended were barely out of puberty cuties, babes and Icandy who eagerly raced around the penthouse filling trick or treat-like swag bags with goodies from Plantronics, Liz Claiborne, Sheer Cover, plastic surgeons, spas,Kangaroos Shoes, Best Buys and some "top secret" gifters". Met an adorable young actor, Randall Bentley from Heroes and his equally charming mother Sue, who are from Atlanta but have been out here while the 16 year old films the show. Dad and sister stay in Georgia, but dad visits on weekends. Randall has that meant to make it personna, all personality and talent, he's going places to be sure.  While the event caters to celebs most of the representatives are nice to whoever attends, save for a group of full of themselves femmes from a bathing suit company called Beach Bunny--they're young and need to learn how to be more PR-conscious. Got a certificate from a prominent plastic surgeon Leif Rogers, are they tellig me something? and other goodies, but not the swag I snapped up at the Oscar bash, still it was all in fun and Mona and I had a blast. Had tarot card readings, Mona got a mini facial which she loved, drank energy drinks and fine wine and filled out bags with video games, t-shirts, socks, shoes and shampoos.

FYI Mona is a celebrated court illustrator who has covered key trials in Southern California, check them out at 
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