Keri just made our beauty routine just got cheaper; Grab a Titan

   Eureka! I finally found the perfect luggage. It's the best piece of luggage I've ever owned. And that's saying a lot. As a travel writer who has traversed the glob I have tried every suitcase known to the industry.  I just packed this one for a trip and was able to get a clothes horse's wardrobe neatly stowed. Even though I travel for a living I've never learned to pack light and this bag allows me to keep my fashion options open. It comes with compartments, a garment bag to hang in the hotel closet and even a plastic toiletry bag and it is so light and easy to tote, and really good looking, especially in a cool metallic gray--all the qualities I look for in baggage. It's the ultimate  bag from TITAN, called 360  Four , manufacturing company founded in Germany in 1983 that just introduced the line of luggage locally. Not only are these bags handsome and easy to tote, they come with a lifetime guaranteed. It has a 100 % polycarbonate shell, really good wheels, sturdy exterior and a TSA approved lock.  Hey what more can you want. Priced around $400 but yours for life, you can't afford not to own one. Go to: and get Titanized

Now stuff it....

Tired of  struggling to squeese your cosmetics into 3 ounce containers in order  to satisfy security restrictions on airlines? Then get yourself a 3.1.1 Travel Bag--a see through plastic tote bag  with five  travel-size, TSA compliant containers that can be easily filled with moisturizer, gels, hair products etc.  And it’s only $24.95.
Great Get
Remember Keri Lotion, well the company just launched an amazing, affordable cosmetic line that's a must for every budget-beauty-conscious person. It's called Keri Renewal and it works great. There's a Firming Lotion that seems to tighten and firm immediately; a Serum for Dry Skin which I just used on my legs and elbows and it made them silky smooth; a StretchMark Minimz need to give this a few more applications for results and a Milk Body Lotion that makes your skin baby soft. Not only does this stuff work, it's cheap at about $16 for 8.5 ounces. Get some to pour into your clear bag bottles for your next trip.
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