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Wrinkles Away

Stem Cell for the face? It’s here and I’m excited. Just got mine today and began using it, so stay tuned.It’s called Amatokin and it’s the hottest anti wrinkle available and the most controversial. It all began in 2005 as a mystery skin cream and consumers and retailers couldn’t wait to get their hands on it. Well now Voss Laboratoriesof Salt Lake City, Utah,and Paris, France, is marketing it for America and selling it at Bloomingdale’s New York 59th Street store.It isn’t cheap at $173 for a month’s supply. But if it’s ass efficacious as they say, it’s worth every erased wrinkle. It’s still cheaper than Botox, too and you don’t have to go to a doctor to get it or apply it. I must confess my complexion has never looked better since I started using this two weeks ago. My deep frown lines are a mere shadow from when I began the regimen. While it's cheaper than Botox and you don't have to see a doctor to use it, it's still pricey, but folks, well worth it. Best results yet for…