Celebrity Swag/Skincare breakthroughs

It Pays To Be Famous  or at least a journalist invited to attend pre-Oscar swag suite events in Los Angeles. For the uninitiated these are promotional affairs where celebrities are given the red carpet treatment and lots of goodies. Alas thanks to recent Internal Revenue scanning, the gifts are somewhat less pricey, but there's still plenty of bling. My friend  Mona and I went to a do sponsord by PennHouse ward Suites, Main Event Lounge and Diamond Girl Public Relations at  Loews Santa Monica Hotel the afternoon prior to the Academy Awards presentations. It was a zany zoo with guests stuffing gift bags with goodies like Mona Vie  Premier Acai Blend juices that are supposed to promote health, well-being and make celebs and the rest of us  look ravishing, olive oil, chocolates and more.  Lots of the stuff was organic, enviornmentally correct. I found (and stuffed my bag with) some nifty new products like Pacekeeper Unifem Lipgloss, lipstick and n ail color www.iamapeacekeeper.com, Head Original Organics natural styling wax, hair spray, leave in coditioning sprayt, and shine/anti-rizz hair serum, www.headproducts.com;  Pure baic performance products  really yummy soaps, shampoos, conditioners, creams and moisturizers www.pureandbasic.com. and Aubrey Organics--more great smelling, natural stuff like Ocean Waters Eaux D'Ocean parfum that smells sexy, subtle and beach fresh.  I just sampled an amazing product , Dave's Gourmet Red Heirloom Organic Pasta Sauce, unbelievably delicious, and easy to prep--just heat and serve on your favorite pasta. Now coming from an Italian (nee: Covello) who usually spends hours making sauce, this is quite a compliment. It's as good as homemade. www.davesgourmet.com.

Stay tuned while I test other products I got.

Derma Polish: the latest in skincare breatkthrough from miracle makers of the stars, Louise Biano--you can't afford not to stock up on this amazing product. The microdermabrasion cream exfoliates, leaves the skin soft and smooth and sluffs off dead skin cells. Made with very fine magnesium oxide crystals, Derma Polish should be applied every morning with gentle upward and outward motions and removed with a washcloth or cleanser. It should be followed by one of Bianco's magical moisturizers. Go to: www.louisebianco.com or call 800-786-2700, tell them you heard about it on Patti's Prattles.

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