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Celebrity Swag/Skincare breakthroughs

Miracle in a bottle: I opened a bottle of kaplanMD Beverly Hills Replenishing Night Cream and it's like a genie granted me a wish. After two weeks testing on the  most damaged areas on my face, I got incredible results. The product was developed by Stuart H. Kaplan, M.D., funder, kaplanMD-Beverly Hills, who says he made it his life's work to healp make people as beautiful on the outside as they feel inside.  And it does. Ingredients list Phytogenic Triactive Complex of concentrated soy, grapeseed and black cohosh extracts. www.kaplan It Pays To Be Famous  or at least a journalist invited to attend pre-Oscar swag suite events in Los Angeles. For the uninitiated these are promotional affairs where celebrities are given the red carpet treatment and lots of goodies. Alas thanks to recent Internal Revenue scanning, the gifts are somewhat less pricey, but there's still plenty of bling. My friend  Mona and I went to a do sponsord by PennHouse ward Suites, Main Event Lounge an…

Slip into Something Sexy

Hey gals try this on for size and get those mojos moving and loosen his libidoSlither into provocative bustiers and matching thongs by Shirley of Hollywood, hook up some French stockings and prance around a candle lit room. Let me tell you the affect proves awesome. He'll love . Shirleyofhollywood,  nation-wide wholesaler (see below) has some super sexy stuff. She even has mood moving gift sets with lavender lotions, potions body washes and a Virile eau de cologne for men to elevate the senses. Love the scents.There are seemingly hundreds of thong and g-string panties to choose from, too. And for plump, fuller, sexier fuller lips Shirley suggests LipTrix LipGloss in   five luscious shades: Pink Satin, 24 Karat, Mocha and Berry. Forget about Botox, these vitamin rich glosses do the same job, only cheaper and by naturally boosting collagen building proteins to give you  celebrity status lips like those sported by Angelina Jolie and Ms. Britney. So add sizzle to your Valentines Day c…