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Packing Solutions: Robes, Scoodie Hoodies & Other Stuffable Stuff

Packable Posh Robes& PJs While most of the hotels I stay in provide terry robes they are usually large enough for an elephant and wrap around me three times. Ergo I've always lusted for a robe that packs easily, fits well and keep me warm in those overly air conditioned rooms or when sitting by the fire in a ski lodge room. Well I found it. A soft and fluffy full length robe that's not only cuddily and cute it fits perfectly on my body and even into my carryon bag, what's more it's actually kinda sexy. Best of  all,  it costs only $54.95 and looks like a million dollars on. Check it out at It's perfect for answering the door when room service knocks or just lounging around your suite (the money you save you can afford to splurge on a suite). And speaking of lounging, shirleyofhollywood also has the niftiest silk pjs. Just got a pair in purple with pink lace trim on the cuffs and legs. Sexy yet with enough cover up. And the price is j…

The Real Skinny on Health Spas, Day Spas & Anything Called a Spa

A Spa by Any other name is just a....It's a new year and time to get in shape, rejuvenate and work on your inner/outer self. And there's lots of help out there in the way of facilities known as spas, day spas, health spas. Many tout themselves as the ulitmate, the best, "rated No 1". But do they live up to the hype and are all those accolades from real people who have actually visited said property? I don't think so. How many times do I read a magazine where the "readers" rated a spa as No. 1, the same place I wouldn't put in a top ten. There's one spa in Hawaii that has garnered much acclaim and it doesn't even have an adequat fitness center. Another barely has more than profit making treatment rooms.A spa by any other name is not a spa. A true health spa offers nutrition, fitness, pampering, mind, body and spiritual uplifting, and education. A day spa is a place to plotz and have head to toe treatments. Before you go to a hotel or destinat…