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Wish Upon a Wand?   Wow, Patti's Test Kitchen just received what sounds like an awesome face saver especially for those of us with sun damaged skin. It's the RejuvaWand. Developed by a senior team at Light Dimensions,  the wand is an infrared light based,therapy that the company claims reverses the signs of aging. Valhalla!  I began using it two days ago. It's pretty simple. After charging the apparatus for 24 hours you simply turn it on and massage over areas of your face that need it most. I love how it feels and am wishing for the best results. The wand comes with a gel that you apply before use to accelerate the benefits and help the wand glide easily. They also include a cleanser, toner and moisturizer.  It's intended to be used daily with results predicted in 30 days of less. Stay tuned as I progress with my testing. In the meantime you can take a look at it on the web  www.rejuvawand.com where it sells for $199.95, and if you hurry you get $20 when you buy two. Tell them you saw it on Patti's Prattles.

This just in. Clinical results of the efficacy of the Rejuvawand:

Palo Alto, CA – May 29, 2007 – Many beauty and skin care companies launch new products claiming to improve the overall look and feel of the skin. However, the evidence for the use of over-the-counter cosmetic products that claim anti-aging effects has not been clearly substantiated, until now. Light Dimensions, a developer of restorative, light-based personal care products, today announced clinical study results for its RejuvaWand product. The RejuvaWand is the first-ever, home-based, skincare appliance to use both red and infrared light combined with a gentle massaging action to help reverse the signs of aging. A whitepaper outlining the results of the study is available by contacting Marc Maisel (650-838-9788 or marcmaisel@lightdimensions.com).
The clinical study, which was conducted by Leonardo Rasi M.D., a Fellow of the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery and member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, included over 4,000 treatments performed in the comfort of the participants’ homes. The study was conducted over a 60-day period with 36 female participants who were, on average, 50.5 years of age. The PRIMOS imaging system was used to quantitatively evaluate the depth of fine lines, facial wrinkles and skin texture. PRIMOS is an imaging device that allows for real-time measurement of the topography of the human skin (fine lines, facial wrinkles and skin texture) using sophisticated three-dimensional digital photography and specially developed software.
The most significant findings in the study reveal that:
•    At 30 days 67% of subjects showed an overall average improvement in fine lines, facial wrinkles and surface texture of 13%.
•    At 60 days 77.5% of participants showed overall average improvement in fine lines, facial wrinkles and surface texture of 16.5%.
•    The physician evaluator noted that in as few as 30 days 7 out of 10 subjects showed a 44% improvement in fine lines and facial wrinkles.
•    During the self assessment the vast majority (86.2%) of participants noted improvement with 25% indicating “excellent” improvement and 30.6% indicating “good” improvement in their skin.
The study not only validates the effectiveness, reliability and safety of the RejuvaWand, it appears to be a contrast with a recent Consumer Reports study that measured the effectiveness of over the counter skin care treatments and found that even the best performers only reduced the average depth of facial and eye wrinkles by lessthan 10 percent according toMarc Maisel, Co-Founder of Light Dimensions. “What is more significant is that a similar device, which can only be used in physician offices and also clinically tested using PRIMOS, showed results that were not as positive as those found in the RejuvaWand study. We in no way want to diminish the value of office treatments but we do want to point out that the RejuvaWand offers a less expensive, non-invasive option without any pain or downtime.”
When used as a complete skin care treatment, the RejuvaWand System helps to reverse the signs of aging by reducing fine lines, facial and eye wrinkles as well as giving skin a healthy and youthful glow.  For more information or to order the RejuvaWand and accompanying products log on to www.rejuvawand.com or call 650-838-9788.

I just keep finding one face saving miracle maker after another. While every one I write about has proven effective, or you wouldn’t be reading about it here, some go more outside the box like Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System II for face, body and scalp. This little tiger of a gadget seemed to attack problem areas immediately through an alternating galvanic current.  What’s great is it’s light and easy to pack, which is important to this globetrotter who always carries an arsenal of beauty remedies along for the ride. While I can only attest to its efficacy, I defer to the manufacturer to explain how it works. Basically the Galvanic Spa System II utilizes three interchangeable conducts for face, body and scalp.

“The patented self-adjusting Galvanic electrical current works synergistically with Nu Skin compatible gels and personal care products to facilitate transport of functional cosmetic ingredients for optimal performance. With regular use, Galvanic Spa System II treatments enhance cellular energy and improve circulation to provide significant complexion (restores natural radiance), body (cellulite removal), and head (strengthens follicles) benefits.”

The company also makes a special Gel, composed of magnesium, marigold, sea kelp and vanilla extracts, designed to remove impurities and allow the pores to breathe better radiance and restore vitality.

 The Galvanic Spa™ System II instrument and conductors retail for $195.00. The Nu Skin Pre-Treatment and Treatment Gels retail for $35.00 for four vials (4 ml) of each gel. Nu SkinÒ Body Shaping Gel retails for $41.00 for a 5 oz. tube. Nu SkinÒ NutriolÒ HairFitness Treatment retails at $59.00 for 12 vials 0.23 oz each. Nu Skin distributors can be found by calling the company's toll-free number 1-800-487-1000, or at www.nuskin.com.

 The Power of Pearls--Another magical wonder is Micro Pearl AbrasionMy verdict's in, this stuff really works wonders. My face glows after a week using the abrasion and spray. I  actually saw results after my first spritz of  the PEARL Anti Wrinkle Moisturizing Mist. No kidding my face felt tighter and lifter and looked more alive. Allegedly the secret is in the pearls—an age-old remedy used by Hollywood makeup artists and the celebrities they work their magic on.  Created by Starmaker Products’ JoAnna Connell, talented makeup artist/product developer, who discovered the power of pearls in nourishing resurfacing ad rejuvenated the skin, the Micro Pearl Abrasion regimen includes daily use of an exfoliant and the mist for best results. And considering the stars on their client list, I guess it works. We’re talking Madonna, the women of Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, Reese Witherspoon and other famous, beautiful faces.  Priced for all budgets at about $40, Starmaker products are available at

www.starmakerproducts.com, www.drugstore.com, QVC, Walgreen, CVS and more.


Zounds! Its tough to keep up on all the nifty skin savers on the market. This just into Patti’s Test Kitchen:  Emerge Skin Care—an exciting line of skin and face savers/preventatives.  There’s an extensive array of serums, moisturizers, exfoliaters, toners and repair remedies on the website: www.emergeskincare.com. Created by experts at Metamorphosis, a swank New York City day spa, and Emerge Labs, these cutting edge cosmeticsjust might eliminate the need for plastic surgery if used regularly. Alas there are no miracle makers in a jar that instantly repairs lines and wrinkles, this one does come close and if you start young they should keep eventual aging signs from rearing their ugly heads. Go directly to the web site for free samples and information, or call 866-327-5069 tell them you heard about it on Patti’s Prattles.

NEW PRODUCT LAUNCHES" I’m busy in the test kitchen sampling some new products and can’t wait to tell you about them.

The first is regenerist from Olay, which I was eager to try after reading rave reviews in a major consumer magazine. Well it lives up to the hype. After just a week of continuous morning andevening applications my skin did show quite an improvement in texture and if I'm not hallucinating, fewere lines and wrinkles. This stuff really works. Attractively packaged in a black, pink transparent plastic container, regenerist contains amino-peptides that supposedly rejuvenate the skin one cell at a time. It also contains UV protection.  I just started using it so my verdict is out, but will definitely let you know. I like how it feels and smells and I love the price, which is under $20 for 2.5 ounces. www.olay.com; or call 800-960-7925.


The other line is pHisoderm’s ph balanced collection of foaming face was, clarifying gel/moisturizer, toner and night cream. Packaged in light lime colored dispensers, the recently launched line is designed to maintain the skin’s pH balance while cleansing, toning and moisturizing. I like it at first whiff; it smells so good, clean and natural.  The cleanser really foams even without adding water, the toner took off my makeup better than most I’ve used and the moisturizers feel luxurious on my skin, particularly the night cream with its amino-acid formula. And again the best part is the budget friendly pricing which ranges from $6.99 for the face wash to $8.57 for the nigh cream and  $8.99 for the daytime moisturizer. You can’t afford not to get it.  I haven’t done a long term testing on this collection yet, but will let you know the results as soon as I do. www.phisoderm.com.


Hair hear.  Now I just tested another miracle mane maker. You've seen hair models on TV with long, tresses so siny you can almost see your image. Well, Clairol's Nice ‘n Easy ColorSeal Conditioning Gloss for color-treated or highlighted hair actually did make my hair look healthier and shinier.  I love coloring my hair, but I don't like how product often makes it look dull and lifeless. Well the ColorSeal  Treatment worked after first use (recommended use is weekly). Maybe I can get one of those hair modeling jobs. If you color your hair this is a must have and it's only $4.49 for a small tube. visit www.clairol.com or call 800-CLAIROL, do it NOW.


Sleeping with a snorer?  Relief is just your pinky finger away with the Anti Snore Therapeutic Ring—a silver ring that fits over acupressure points on the finger. Not only does the silver ring curtail snoring but it helps relieve sinus and even insomnia. I put it to the test on my snoring mate and although it’s supposed to take a few days, it worked immediately and now we both get a better night’s rest.  We tried those nose guards and other remedies and none work like this one. For more information go to:  www.antisnor.com.



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