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Miracle Making Skin Savers, Hair Savers, Energy boosters, Sleep Aids and More

Wish Upon a Wand?   Wow, Patti's Test Kitchen just received what sounds like an awesome face saver especially for those of us with sun damaged skin. It's the RejuvaWand. Developed by a senior team at Light Dimensions,  the wand is an infrared light based,therapy that the company claims reverses the signs of aging. Valhalla!  I began using it two days ago. It's pretty simple. After charging the apparatus for 24 hours you simply turn it on and massage over areas of your face that need it most. I love how it feels and am wishing for the best results. The wand comes with a gel that you apply before use to accelerate the benefits and help the wand glide easily. They also include a cleanser, toner and moisturizer.  It's intended to be used daily with results predicted in 30 days of less. Stay tuned as I progress with my testing. In the meantime you can take a look at it on the web where it sells for $199.95, and if you hurry you get $20 when you buy two. T…