Miracle Makers in a Jar, No Kidding




I did it! I just discovered the holy grail of skin care products.  Miracles in a jar that really work!

The first is (true)Promise Uplifted!!, which lived up to its name with my first application. Created by soap opera star turned makeup artist to the stars, Gail Johnson, (true) promiseUplifted!!  seems to erase fine lines and wrinkles after one use. No more waiting 30 days to see results. I advise anyone in need of a quick fix to log onto the website and order this brand new miracle maker right now.  ($89) Available www.truepromisebeauty.com


My next discovery, direct  from Estee Lauders’ Rodan+Fields collection, two doctors age 51 and 49 who created Prescribedsolutions (customized skincare) for distressed, aging skin, that can only be obtained through a doctor who prescribes a personalized regimen for each skin type. Of course I raced out to get my customized care package, which includes a morning anti-oxidant serum with C and E ($95) and an evening anti-aging cream correction fluid. Since I’m in the sun often I also got a tube of Up the Anti, an anti-aging moisturizer/sunblock with SPF 30 ($50). While it’s supposed to take time to see results, my skin reacted immediately with noticeably improved elasticity and less visible lines and wrinkles.  The company also makes products that address acne, hyperpigmentation, Rosacea, firmness, menopausal skin problem, bruising and even body/facial hair removal. Available only from doctors which are listed at www.prescribedsolutions.com.

For your eyes only, a long time favorite of mine is md formulations moisture defense anti oxidant eye cream that hydrates, firms and reduces puffiness. Who doesn’t need that? www.mdformulations.com

And when you need a little extra boost, it's BOTOX baby..okay I must admit I am addicted to quick fixes and I've been botoxed by the best. My latest infusion was made by a handsome, personable and over-qualified Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Randal Haworth MD. His bedside manner is amazing, and it's the first  time the needles didn't really hurt save for a little tinge here and there. He pricked my frown marks, eye area and lip area. I takes three days to a week for results so I'm on pins and needles here, in the meantime the aforementioned products are also working their magic. Still Botox is quicker and goes where creams and elixirs can't touch--those deep, deep frown marks between my eyes. But alas results don't  last longer than four to six months.  I 'll be posting before and after pics of my procedure. In the meantime check out the good doctor at: rdh@drhaworth.com or call his office 310-273-3000 and tell him Patti sent you.

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