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First Class: The Only Way to Fly Especially Hawaiian to Hawaii and Eos to England

Now this is First Class FlyingIf you’ve been reading my blog you should know by now that I am a First Class snob. For me flying coach is down right dumb.So when I heard about Eos Airlines it roused my aristocratic senses. The all top cabin carrier flies 48 pax in cushy style in a specially-designed 757-200 aircraft between England’s Stansted Airport (STN) and New York’s JFK.We’re talking bed-like seat, staggered “suites” that afford privacy and utmost comfort, gourmet cuisine, turndown service, DVD players with Bose noise-canceling headphones, curbside escort check in.They even throw in a stylish travel case from Cornelia Day Spa in New York City ( stuffed with a toothbrush,  ear plugs, socks, eye mask, lip balm, hand cream, mini hair brush, emery board. I haven’t actually sampled the fare (which is hardly astronomical for what you get at $3,150 roundtrip for a 42 day advanced purchase and $6,850 for unrestricted booking. Check it out at or 888-357…

Seamless cruising on Silvesea & Seabourn; Honeymooning With the Kids at Great Wolf Lodge

Silversea Cruises, my favorite small, super luxury cruise line, is going outside the sandbar with a soon to be introduced Privileged Passage program that greatly enhances the Silversea experience by eliminating the need for tuxedos and formal wear, affording passengers relaxed embarkation and disembarkation times and staging casual-style entertainment. What more can you ask from an already six star cruise line. A "test run" of The Privileged Passage progfram debuts July 13, 2007 on voyage 1718 from Athens to Istanbul.. Imagine not having to pack formal wear for a 7 day cruise. The cruise line is currently hosting big name entertainers onboard its 2007 World Cruise.  This is the cruise line that offers truly all-inclusive voyages that cover tips, wines, drinks, special shore excursions and in top suites, laundry and Internet use. The show biz journey on the Silver Shadow began in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on January 15 and returns to New York on May 22. Enhancing all the nifty …