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Deep Six Acne and Blackheads with mdskincare's All Over Blemish Solution. The Salicylic Acid acne treatment gel glides on smoothly like a second skin and penetrates deep into the pores to prevent zits from popping up and helps keep blackheads from forming. The "It" product for anyone who suffers from blackheads, developed by Dr. Dennis Gross, a top dermatologist with an A-list celebrity clientele,  or pimples, it also contains Farnesol that kills bacteria, andBisabolol, derived from Chamomile extrract to reuce redness and inflammation. A 1.7 ounce tube costs $84, so it should work. For more information call 888-830-SKIN or go to



Better Than Botox?

Line Tox by Therapy Systems is"a serious line inhibitor,anti-wrinkle ingredient called Arigirline-- synthetic compound made up of six amino acids." You apply Line Tox to problem areas morning and night after cleansing. It's supposed to relax the muscles under the skin and ease contractions.   A one ounce bottle costs $65 (much less than Botox) and is available at Henri Bendel in New York,  The Cosmetic Market and Therapy Systems Concept Store in Nashville;  he Beauty Collection at  Farmers Market in Los Angeles and Village Sportswear in Huntsville, Alabama. It's also available at or by calling 800-733-8606.  Stay tuned. Okay it's April 26 and I am already seeing results, the frown lines aren't gone yet but I can hope.


Soft, Silky skin with a dab of Cle de peau Beaute restorative body cream--YES I died and went to Beauty Heaven. This product really works. My skin is dry, especially my legs. So I performed a simple test, I applied Cle de peau to one leg and let it sit for awhile. A few minutes later that leg looked 100% softer than the other. I found the fountain of youth in a tube, a pricey one at that. But then it is distributed by Shiseido. Hey,"I'm worth it, and so are you." Available in fine stores like Bergdorfs, Barneys, Neiman's and Saks.

Plantogen Saves My Day -- My face looked stressed and tired, I was ready to pull out some old remedies when a PR person saved my day with an overnight package filled wit Plantogen products. Since I wanted to sample the cosmetics in my test kitchen anyway, I immediately washed my face with the luxurious Foaming Cleanser and followed with the  Rotorous Geothermal Clay Mask. I love the natural scented cleanser with its silky application, which contains vitamin C, rosemary oil, witch hazel extract and aloe vera gel. But the mask really did the trick. I left it on for about 15 minutes and felt my skin tightening. When I took it off  I looked in my magnified makeup mirror and saw real results. My pores were smaller, my lines lessened and my face was smooth and taut. Then I applied the Light Moisure With Retinol, which put the icing on my complexion. The formula smells so good and smoothes on your face like silk. My face glowed and I was ready to face the day. I reluctantly applied makeup, but really didn't need to. I just love all these new formulas that really do what they say.  Plantogen Spa Therapy products also include body and facial scrubs, shower gels, body creams,  hand, nail and food therapies, eye gels and more. Available in spas and salons throughout the country or by calling 800/851.6533 or surfing the web at Prices range from $24 and up.


Summertime and the living can be hazardous to your don't forget the sunscreen.

Cool Visors for Dudes and Dudettes....

Here’s something for the surfin/beach-in set,  a nifty 3 in l visor that converts to a sunglasses carrier and adjustable lanyard from Proshade. Hip and trendy, visors come in assorted fabics and designs. The leopard skin with large faux pearl provides the perfect jaunty look. There's also plain colors and various prints for a wet and wild look and they even float, so you needn't worry about it going missing in the water. Proshades are availabale at  a variety of beachside retailers.  Go to:




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