Face Savers/Max Factor Makeup, Whiter Teeth & More

Let's face it, in today's youth and beauty driven world we have to look good to compete. That's doesn't necessarily mean drastic surgery, although in some cases in may be the only resort. All you need to do is arm yourself with an arsenal of effective skin, hair and body products that will help keep on the top of your game. Don't settle for anything but the best. 

 Indigenous ingredients from French Polynesia are used to create the  luxurious skin care products found at Manea Spa in  Bora Bora.

I adore Bora Bora and have visited this island paradise many times. I wish I could go more often. Ah but  it is a long way from LA.  However I just sampled some luscious skin care products from the Manea Spa at Pearl Resorts luxury facility on Bora Bora, that at least makes me feel I'm there every time I use them. The products contain local ingaredients like hibiscus extract, coconut, powder from Tahiti, monoi oil, mango and even white sand from the islands silky, soft beaches. They smell so good, feel so silky and do the job. Especially the Lita Hohaa facial cream and Taurumi One Efloliating Body Gel (which has the aforementioned white sand). Learn more about the products and this swank spa at www.maneaspa.com or ww.pearlresorts.com. Or book a trip to fabulous French Polynesia and see for yourself.

Manea Spa at the Pearl Resort, Bora Bora, bliss out French Polynesia style

Fablous Faces:

 Mask Miracle Noir from a company called  Dead Sea Premier--that manufactures some the best cosmetics I have ever sampled. I'm telling you these really work. Mask Miracle Noir was touted as one of best of the year at international tradeshows, according to Premier USA and is designed as an anti-aging remedy. After just one application I can see why. This is definitely a mask to use before that big date, important event or business presentation. My face looked like I just came from a professional treatment. And I also used it on my husband (who is used to being my guinea pig) and his skin responded immediately.  The product definitely meets the company claims of reducing the appearance of fine lines" (of which I have a few), and  "leaving your face looking young and rejuvenated." They maintain that one application provides 60 hours of anti-aging benefits such as tightening, toning and lifting--who could ask for anything more sans plastic surgery. The mask contains anti-oxidants and special Dead Sea mud, emollients, aromatic oils, minerals and vitamins.  Each application is followed with an exfoliation process using  a Dead Sea rock  which works like a magnet for slow, controlled sloughing. Once the mud is removed you simply massagethe mineral into the skin and voila you look like 20 again--well younger anyway. I also sampled Premier USA's anti wrinkle cream and it, too, lives up the hype. From the if you believe in miraclesfiles,t his just in...after only three days of using Premier USA's Eye Serum and Eye Cream the fine lines under my eyes have all but disappeared. I am not kidding, these products work wonders. They're not cheap, but it's worth it for the immediate results.  www.deadsea-premier.com


Cleopatra's Choice adds nifty, new products--I already told you about these nifty products: Dead Sea "Engergizing Facial Salts," "Anti-Wrinkles Serum," "Mineral Facial Cleanser, "Toner" "Moisturizing Cream with Dead Sea Minerals,"  Exfoliating Scrub,  Exfoliating Facial Mask, Skin  Toner and  Mineral Serum-- and now this enterprising cosmetics company has a new, improved collection with more natual ingredients with added effectiveness. Called SeaOra, the line includes a mineral lift serum, intensive anti wrinkle cream, sulfur soap, salt scrub hand cream and more, check it all out at:  www.cleopatraschoice.com.

Fabulous Phytomer

 Phytomer--the luxurious French collection  is designed to keep your skin looking great. I love every Phytomer product from the Perfect Visage Gentle Cleansing Milk to the Courtour Radieux Masque Defatigant Lissant Yeux reviving eye mask that's perfect for those mornigns when you wake up with dark cicles, bags or puffiness. Just dab gently around the eyes and relax for a five or ten minutes and voila you're good to go.  Let's face it, French women must be doing something right to look so good.  Each products has that signature, clean Phytomer scent. The Rosee Visage Toning Cleansing Lotion helps remove excess makeup and dirt while the the Accept Neutralizing Cream helps redefine your skin tone and reduce lines and wrinkles.  They cost a little more but you're worth it. www.phytomerusa.com. For very dry skin try  Crabtree & Evelyn Naturals Botanical Body Butter,  the sweet smelling cream turns leathery skin baby soft with one application. Marvey Manes:   I am always hunting for product to bringback that shine. And voila I found it. Clairol's Natural Instincts Shine Happy is a miracle mane enhancer that works after one application and lasts four weeks. I just did my first treatment and my hair is bouncy, silky and even a little more curlier. I love it, love it. And it costs less $10.  Clairol also has the perfect quick fix for those times when you just can't make it to your hair stylist. It's Nice'neasy color boosting glaze, a real color-saver that works in five minutes. I just tried it and my color looks new again. My hair is as silky and shiny as those models whodo hair commericals. No kidding. It works great. And like I said it only takes five minutes from start to finish.  I have one more Clairol product to test, this one is Herbal Essences Colorflirt mouse, another quick fix for colored hair that works in minutes. I'll let you know the results. In the meantime visit www.clairol.com.

Pureology Serious Colour Care Antifade Complex Hydrate Condition and Hydrate Shampoo are fantasitc with the ingredients: ylang ylang, bergamot, anise, Patchouli, sunflower seed cake extract, a protein enzyme that supposedly "decomposes oxygen and prvents oxidation of color."  All I can say is my mane came out bouncey and shiny.  I tested the conditioner on my hair while sitting in the steambath at Crunch. Which is a great tip for any of you who like to sit in the sauna or steam, shampooing and conditioning your hair before your hot session will help prevent it fromlooking dry after.

Max Factor Comes of Age

Who would have though Max Factor could compete with pricey, puff-puff brands. Well just get your hands (and face) on some of the cosmetic's company's spiffy new makeup products and you'll see it can. For starters there's a new truly waterproof mascara that lengthens and lasts. Then the purse sizePan-Stik ultra creamy makeup(available in 8 shades) which you can use for a base or touch up throughout the day. MaxEye two color shadow that goes bold or subtle in 45 different shades and an eyeline that goes on easily, smoothly and doesn't smear (comes in 8 shades). Definitely budget priced for champagne tastes, these  must have makeup accessories are  available at most cosmetic counters everywhere.  Now to help you look sensational, Pat McGrath, runway makeup artist and global creative design director for Procter &Gamble Cosmetics has a few makeup tips for the summer season. "Be subtle, sophistical and cic," she suggests by witha warm peach glow from Pan-stik and a peach or apricot blusj applied to the cheekbones. For golden eyes she advises sultry bronze and gold shades to cfreate dimension and provide a radiant complextion. For kissing fresh lips glam them up with bold shades of fuchsia, red and pale cofral and coat with Max Factor MAXwear lipcolor & gloss. Apply the lowlight lipcolor and finish with highlighting glass for a more dramatic flair.

Go See Tammy

Speaking of hair care, if you’re looking for a spiffy new style, color or cut and live anywhere near Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley or plan ona trip there, head over to Three 6 Nine. This charming Old European/Mediterranean style salon with its exposed pipe ceiling, muted yellow tone walls and floors and retro décor offers sensational services at a fraction of the cost found at any higher priced Beverly Hills spread.  The warm and wonderful Tammy Kranzo a fellow Pisces I might add, opened the shop in July of 1998 after 10 years as top creative colorist for Sebastian International where she trotted around the globe to tend the tresses of an ensemble of gorgeous models who starred in over-the-top hair shows staged internationally by Sebastian. “It was such fun,” says Tammy,  “Doing whatever you wanted on beautiful models and seeing the world at the same time.”  She said she loved the passion of Latin America andSpain and particularly appreciated how hair stylists are revered in other countries. Tammy and her husband eventually opened a hair salon at Sebastian’s corporate offices, which they called The Centre. She later branched out her own to open Three 6 Nine, named after her lucky numbers. Today the shop is going gangbusters with a clientele that travels from far and near for Tammy’s tressful talents. If Tammy’s unavailable when you call, any one of her staff will do, they are all exceptional. And get this, you get a wonderful head and neck massage with your shampoo, and yummy cookies, assorted beverages and fresh fruit are always available for the taking. You just don’t find this sort of comfort and ambiance at posh places. The salon’s located at 21132 Castanso, just off Ventura Blvd. between Canoga Avenue and Topanga Canyon Blvd. Open Tuesday through Saturday (Sunday and Monday by request). Call: 818/347.1900 and do tell her Patti sent you. FYI: Tammy's been tending my tresses for the last decade and the compliments I get on her work are fantastic.


Pretty Feet?  I found the perfect solution for rough, calloused feet. It’s actually called Pretty feet & hands—an exfoliant that helps smooth out those cracked, flaky areas. While it’s no miracle maker, it does do the job when supplemented by a little extra sloughing with pedicure tools. A 3 ounce bottle costs abut $6 and some change and is available at most food and drug storesthroughout the country. For more info go to www.prettyfeetandhands.com

Beautiful Bod? Frownies, producers of a remarkable anti-aging skin car product line of the same name offers a solution for every part of your body from facial patches to reduce lines around mouth and eyes to full body “repair.”  I picked up two products to try the Protect and Repair Immune Shield and the Immune Perfect Continuous Active Hydration which I will report on after a week or so of use. So stay tuned. Until then go to www.frownies.com. It's Feb. 18th and I must say Frownies really work. My skin is already showing improvement, it's glowing in fact. What to do, what to do, there are just so many great products out there now.

Pearly Whites for Summer:

Pretty white teeth just in time for summer:   If you can't afford the stiff price charged at proteeth whitening establishments as kyou dentist about Treswhite by Opalesence. This amazing teeth whitener works fast and costs between $70 and $100 (depending on your dentist). What's better is there is no need to spend time sitting for a mold, Opalesence is pre-packaged in handy one size fits all plastic retainerswhich you use at home. I saw a big difference after just 45-minutes, and an even greater improvement on my spouse whose teeth tend to be a little more yellow than mine. So far I've used the product twice, they claim that the best results occur after a week to 10 days, but I'm happy now. Trust me, your teeth will not only get whiter they  will sparkle. And there's nothing like gleaming white teeth to go with a summer tan and a big smile.  The comapny also has a non-prescription toothpaste for about $7 available through your dentist. For more info call 866.672.5764 or to to www.opalescence.com

Mentadent-- available at drug and grocery stores, this toothpaste not only helps whiten teeth but aids in prevention of cavities and decay. A personal favorite--I've been using it for years--Mentadent comes in a dulachamber pump that's easy to use. Ingaredients such as baking soda and peroxide are the key bleaching agents while fluoride helps strenghten enamel and fight decay.  Somewhat pricier than normal brands, it's worth the splurge for anyone who wants a pearly white smile and fewer trips to the dentist.  For additional info go to: www. Mentadent.com.



Safe Sun:

I love a tan and like most people I used to sun until I turned as brown as possible. A little wiser now I avoid the sun with avengence. I am always lathered from head to toe with SPF ladden sunscreens that no harmful rays could penetrate. I missed that St. Tropez bronze, until I discovered Mystic Tan. I've used self tanners before but nothing works like this collection. I used  MysticSunless spray on my legs and the results were positively outstanding. Looks like I've been in the sun or wearing hose. No blotching or fake look. It comes in a complete line of products that begins with an exfoliating body wash called MysticReady that preps the skin for the self tanners. There's a Tanning Accelerator that you put on after exfoliating and before using one of the tanners. MysticGlo gives your face or shoulders a shimmering gold bronze look. There are foams, sprays and gels and a HyperMoist moisturizing cream to apply before or after your self tanning session. If you shun the sun but want to look tan, this is the product for you. Go towww.mystictan.com and do it NOW.

While not a sunscreen, Skin MD natural hand, Body & Face Shielding Lotion protects your skin from irritants such as Sumac, Poison Ivy, Poison Oak and envirnomental pollutants. According to Dr. Peter Helton, medical director of the Helton Skin and Laser Institute of Newport Beach, Californi, the lotion "combines with sealant that keeps irrants out and helps the skin heal." It also improves cracked and rough skin. I keep some next to the kitchen sink and use it all day long and my hands look better than ever.  www.SkinMDNatural.com.

Buff Body Okay now your body should look at good as your face so GET IN SHAPE. Please excuse me if you happen to be fit and slim. However if you could use a little help, here are some tips to get your off on the right foot.

1. Get out a walk, jog, hike, bicycle, stroll, just move.

2.  Join a gym and use it. If gyms bore you, check out Crunch (New York and Los Angeles) or Sports Club LA (West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, Miami, New York), Bally's (all over the place, some are better than others however), Gold's Gym for pure unadorned workouts. You get the picture.

3. Eat smart. Healthy food, low in sodium and fat. No junk food no junk in the trunk. Eat only when hungry and stop before you're full.

<FONTSIZE=2>4. MOVE, STRETCH, SHAKE A LEG. Don't sit around,do something.

5.Grab a friend and go for a walk, hike, swim, bike ride, play tennis, basketball, football, MOVE.

6.  Be happy. Depression is bad your body and soul.

7.  Laugh, it burns calories and makes you feel good.

8.  MOVE.

9.  Throw away the scale.

10. But keep tabs on snacking, it's those extra calories that make the junk in the trunk.



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