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Face Savers/Max Factor Makeup, Whiter Teeth & More

Let's face it, in today's youth and beauty driven world we have to look good to compete. That's doesn't necessarily mean drastic surgery, although in some cases in may be the only resort. All you need to do is arm yourself with an arsenal of effective skin, hair and body products that will help keep on the top of your game. Don't settle for anything but the best. Indigenous ingredients from French Polynesia are used to create the  luxurious skin care products found at Manea Spa in  Bora Bora.I adore Bora Bora and have visited this island paradise many times. I wish I could go more often. Ah but  it is a long way from LA.  However I just sampled some luscious skin care products from the Manea Spa at Pearl Resorts luxury facility on Bora Bora, that at least makes me feel I'm there every time I use them. The products contain local ingaredients like hibiscus extract, coconut, powder from Tahiti, monoi oil, mango and even white sand from the islands silky, soft beac…