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TSA-friendly Travel Tips

Frequent fliers listen up. There’s a rocking Internet company that sells a thousand travel-size products perfect for today’s heightened carry-on restrictions.  They actually have anything from cosmetics to toiletries, cereals to laundry detergents. In case you haven’t heard passengers are allowed one quart size baggy of personal care items to carry on (you take all you want in bags you send through). So before you pack for you next trip go to and stock up. They even sell plastic travel kits  filled with goodies for about $50, however they are too large to meet current TSA  restrictions so you have to take a few items out and repack.

ecord your trip   easily and co

nveniently with CVS new One-Time-Use Digital Video Camcorder with  1.4 inch color LCD preview screen.  The handy little, lightweight gismo goes with you to take up to  20 minutes of fun-filled film which you watch on a DVD, TV or even email to friends and relatives eager to hear (and see) all about your travels. A sound recorder lets you narrate as you go along, When you're ready just drop it off at a CVS Pharmacy for digitally enhanced prints and a photo sharing CD which includes an email system for photo sharing. . It's perfect for those times you forget to bring your camera, or as a stocking stuffer for a novel Christmas gift or anytime present.  Just hop over to a CVS pharmacy and pick one up (unless you're out of the country, then you're out of luck and should have thought ahead).  The nifty product is so new, it's not even on the CVS website yet, but you can check soon, at or by calling 800/SHOP.CVS.

Look Cool with bling bling Chicbudsearphones

Want to  look cool while you're listening to music on your iPod pick up Swarovski crystal covered ChicBuds earphones, the perfect accessory for today's "It". Priced at $46 from Kolobags.

Packing Your Stuff

It took me many years and several purchases, but I finally found the perfect, lightweight, carry on bag, Clothes It All Weekender, an attractive designer suitcase that fits easily under the seat or the overhead and has some handy features such as an attachable garment bag and two padded pockets inside. The designer styling makes it look a lot of more expensive than it is, too. I can’t believe it took me so long to find the perfect solution to my obsession to carry my bags on the plane.  I can thank one Joy Mangano, an inventor/entrepreneur  for this one. Check out her other stuff at Travel Helpers

Hair irons and I never got along until I discovered All That!Folding Flat Ironing Iron by Remington. It's a breeze to use and fits into a niftty little bag for easy packing. My test results were great, not only did my hair do what I wanted, it seemed to puff up the thickness. Also luggage-friendly, Remington's All That! Quick Curl Set is ideal for travelers such as I who tend to need quick fixes for cruise ship galas or special occasions. No need to go to tspend hours (or money) in a salon, just wash and voila frizz free curls in a few minutes.You are now free to move around the cabin, put on your finery or sit and watch TV while All That! goes to work. Another tool for the road is Remington's 15 Piece Travel Kit, which alas must be stowed in checked luggage since the men's preening leather case contains nail clippers and scissors (which of course you can take out and leave behind), along with a toothbrush, comb, neckline, sideburn, nose, ear and eyebrow trimmers, nail clippers,tweezes and a mustache comb. Cool. Priced affordably $15-$20, All That! by Remington products are available at stores such as Wal Mart, Target and the like.

Keep your Batteries Charged
Now this is about as ideal as it gets.  A pocket/purse size, lightweight, waterproof, battery recharger with rechargeable batteries that can be used  in Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States. Perfect for all your tech tools, the Uniross Globe Trotter is inexpensive, handy and a must have when you're on the go and need to keep those AAs or AAAs at the ready. Costs about $25. Go to:


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